03.28 2009



This artwork smells/tastes/sounds/looks/feels great! Embrace the visual with all of your senses in an exhibition that blends the visual within a broader field of sensory perception. Guest curator Anabelle Rodriguez brings together a kaleidoscopic array of local and national artists who consider the scientific phenomenon of synesthesia, the blending of the senses.

Participating artists include: S. Damary Burgos, Roderic Coover, Matt Cue, Daniel De Jesus, Samantha Ernst, Art Fanega, Sofia Maldonado, Matt Neff, Mark Price, Dan One Polanco, Jacqueline Reis, Mario Rodriguez, John Schenk/Tantrum Tonic, Serendip, Daryl Raven Thompson, Shelley Thorstensen, Reade Vaisman, Michelle Wilson.

Independence Foundation Gallery for the Visual Arts
April 3 – May 16
Receptions: April 3 and May 1, 5pm-7pm

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