05.22 2009

Historic Corliss Engine Negatives Printed for Photo Lottery!

Why hide behind this incredible photograph of the historic Corliss Steam engine invented in Providence RI? Clearly it is because I can’t compete! This photograph was contact printed from the original 20×24″ glass negatives loaned to the AS220 Darkroom from the special collection of the Providence Public Library. There will be more about this exciting collaboration soon. The 2009 Photo Lottery will have numerous photographs produced from the glass negatives from this collection. See what Providence looked like 100 years ago. Who was being photographed and what were they wearing? For your chance to win one of these three photographs of the Corliss Steam engine, and 147 other fantastic photographs buy tickets at www.as220.org/photolottery or at the AS220 Bar.

As220 Artist in Residence,
William Buzzell