05.31 2009

New Works, Matthew Palladino and Eric Shaw

New Works
Matthew Palladino and Eric Shaw
Opening Reception Friday, June 5th 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Space 1026
1026 Arch St. 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA

New Works, an exhibition featuring drawings by Matthew Palladino and Eric Shaw at Space 1026, running June 5th through the 25th. Opening reception First Friday of June from 7-10pm at 1026 Arch Street in Philadelphia.

Matthew Palladino’s new work plays with perceptions of race, gender, ghosts and alternative mental states. Through painting he explores representations of the human form in varying situations and fluctuating visibility.

Matthew Palladino was born and raised in San Francisco. He attended California College of Arts for two years, dropping out due to fiscal complications. He continued painting on his own and discovered alternative outlets to pursue his education. He is planning on moving to Philadelphia in the fall of this year.

Eric Shaw was conceived on a hill by the grace of the divine cacti button, he sprung into life eleven months prematurely. With young Eric strapped to her back, his mother set out and traveled all over New England, from radio station to radio station. Some stations accommodated the little duo, allowing Patricia Fox to project her voice all-wherever disco guidos’ ears sought her angelic voice.

His father, Senior Shaw-a bottle collector-who digs out deep in the Connecticut River Valley (of Western Mass), was working one day, when his spade hit a thin object. This object transformed Eric’s life-a heron bone pen! Anyone who examines a piece of Eric’s art closely, will notice the fine detail projected by the pen!

Following the Connecticut River further south to it’s tributary, one will come upon Enfield, Connecticut, home of the big pizza, Eric’s Mexican Papa, and Meme. Here, Eric was placed beneath the couch, where he germinated into what he is today. While deep beneath the couch, enveloped in darkness, Eric refined his color theory and mastery of the line. And then Eric returned to Methuen, Massachusetts, where the Plastic Factory distorted his mind even more. The rest are minor details. Eric Shaw seeks to establish a place in every individual’s mind. He hopes to see you soon.

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