08.26 2009


doors, 7:00PM start

It’s that time of the year again, time for the annual Space 1026 Art Auction!
This year’s event will kick off at 7pm on Friday, December 11th here at 1026 Arch Street in Philadelphia.

We are excited and honored to announce confirmed donations from:
Matt Leines, AJ Fosik, Alex DaCorte, Steve Powers, Brian Chippendale, Annette Monnier, Taylor McKimens, Eddie Martinez, Suzannah Sinclair, Andrew Schoultz, Joseph Hart, Jeanette Mundt, Hilary Pecis, Matthew Palladino, Steven Harrington, Billy Dufala, Tim Gough, Caleb Neelon, Adam Wallacavage and many, many more.

Also expect donations from all of your favorite Space 1026-ers like Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Thom Lessner, Bill McRight, Chris Kline, Greg Pizzoli, Bonnie Brenda Scott and the rest!

Returning as our auctioneer is Todd B. Kimmell, Philadelphia’s perennial gentleman of the arts.


About the Space 1026 Art Auction: For the past twelve years we have opened our gallery to artists from all over the world, held events open to the public, and provided a collaborative and supportive environment to the Philadelphia arts community. Our annual auction makes these things possible, and it’s a great way to find amazing art that won’t break the bank. Last years’ auction was a huge success and a ton of fun; this year we’re hoping to make it even better.

More details and contact information HERE

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