08.09 2009

ycdton comedy tour! NOTES FROM THE ROAD

So each show overall got better as the tour went on and Brooklyn was great so we expected Providence to be INSANE! and then Providence happened and we were like, what the crap was that? Were these the same routines we had done before that were received so well? Yes. Then why did it feel like we were performing in a morgue? I don’t want to be harsh, but it felt ungood. The host Joseph Hanks was hilarious and it was a good thing I was in the audience busting apart cause no one else was. After the show, I mentioned to my Providence friends that the show did not go well but they insisted that it did and that they were all laughing. I guess it was just hard for me to hear the laughter over the sound of the crushing silence. Because AS220 is run so legit this show did make us the most amount of money of the whole tour, so that was awesome. Overall the whole tour was a success and I’d perform in Providence again in a second because I love Providence. On tour I sold out of my comedy video! The last video was purchased by art legend Noah Lyon. Thanks to all the local acts for being a part of the experience and thanks to all the venues for having us! The next tour is being planned for December 2012! See you then!