09.15 2009


Yo you still have a couple days to catch Muralmorphosis, a “continuously evolving, temporary mural and animated film project” being painted and shot at 2nd and Race streets every day this week from 10am to dusk. I will be on the site tomorrow creating frames of animation on a house-sized wall. I think it’s my last day. I hope so, because I am sunburnt, bug-bitten and exhausted from this.
THEN YOU ARE INVITED to the CLOSING RECEPTION this Saturday night (the 19th) at 9pm- same location. Musical performances by Charles Cohen (Color is Luxury), Yanni Papadopoulous, Chalk, Beige Americans and Planet Y. I assume they will be screening the animation; I assume there will be booze as well. Please God let there be booze.
Anyway, it’s part of the Philly Live Arts/Fringe Festival and curated by the Mural Arts Program.

More on those guys here:

Mural Arts Program
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