10.26 2009

Video Vengeance!

Movie night at Space 1026!

Friday (10/30) @ 8pm

We will be having a screening of “Boxer’s Omen” – a Shaw Brothers production kung-fu horror film:
Mo (Boxer’s Omen) – 1983

Total running time: 1 hour 43 minutes

This movie is about a kickboxer who seeks revenge for his brother in a kickboxing match only to get involved in an epic battle between mystic Buddhist powers and Voodoo cult forces.

Be prepared for plenty of gore and cheesy effects, but the most surprising thing about this film are also some pretty visually stunning scenes. I would say if you ever wanted to watch a film that was a combination of Holy Mountain and Evil Dead in a kung-fu film, this would be it.

So come on by Friday night and there will be popcorn and a second film to be announced.