11.04 2009


Head south after the openings for Skoal Kodiak ripping it with The Great Swamp n Knife World. Ya know – Cha-Cha ‘Razzi 1918 Bancroft South Philly @ Noise O’clock. Bring jewels n gems. Drawing by glob throwin heavy researcher Lance Simmons.

So relevant:
“uh new money white forces
new money white porshes
blue money like bosses
white frames; same as scott stortches
coke bottles hit the boards with
top models and their gorgeous
look heres a pen call me around 10
asks him im the man girlfriend
shes hot and i got her
no droptops done got her
dont stop more dollars
20 on the watch who you know do it hotter
i talk it i live it i do it the best”