12.08 2009

powerpoint night

The Olde Pennsylvania City Logos & Powerpointe Society For Geniuses is no longer defunct. Welcome them back from the netherworld Wednesday night, for their new lecture series, “Important Information For You To Remember”.

Topics include: graffiti school, silver thoughts, Nascar, My So-Called-Life, the military industrial complex, the existence of mermaids, eating garbage, and much more. Lecturers include Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Michael Gerkovich, Bonnie Brenda Scott, Scott Gelber, Billy Fatzinger Jr., Gwendolyn Kurtz, Abbey Sarver, Lance Simmons, Greg Labold, Wendy Hyatt, and Lindsey Baker.

at Space 1026
1026 Arch St., 2nd fl.
Philadelphia USA
WEDNESDAY Dec. 7th, @8:00 PM
$ = donations of your choosing.

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