03.14 2010

Silk Flowers / Infinite Body

Silk Flowers / Infinite Body / Earn / Form a Log
March 31st @ Space 1026

Come on out and get Wierd With PPM recording artists Silk Flowers & Infinite Body and friends. It Will Rule!

Silk Flowers

New epic east coasters now fill the seat of “newcomer” to the PPM rodeo show. SILK FLOWERS is the sound you get when you take two friends from the band SOILED MATTRESS AND THE SPRINGS and another friend from CAR CLUTCH and CORPSE KISSER and mix them all up and give a good shake. Sort of borders the line of KRAFTWERK on a four-track meets cough / cool era MISFITS… i know that sounds insane, and it is! Expect new jams coming in February in the form of a 7″ and also expect a new full length in the spring time. ART ART AWAY.

Infinite Body

Kyle Parker, better known as Infinite Body, is no stranger. He burrows deep inside what a song is, how to strip down something so far to where it just becomes two things, sound and feeling. Infinite Body started in August 2007, after performing and collaborating within the land of LA’s harsh noise world (Haircut Mountain Transit, Gator Surprise, Men Who Can’t Love). After years of making “Harsh” sounds
with the other groups, Kyle started Infinite Body to encompass all things beautiful and began performing and recording this new project. On record, at times it can be hypnotizing and emotionally charging, other times it inspires you to think about life and drift off. Live it takes another form, learning the ropes from the noise world Infinite Body sets out to bliss out your mind, soul and ears by taking over
your senses (he plays LOUD and he has a lot of lights that warp and dance with the music). It becomes an extremely vibrating, beautiful, and rewarding experiment.

After a self released CD titled “White Hymn”, which has won over many listeners, and a few limited 12″s, Infinite Body recorded “Carve Out The Face Of My God” for PPM. It is a step in a new direction with swells, peaks, and valleys of ethereal noise and field recordings arranged for Infinite body’s extreme contextual mind. This vaporous and concise recording effort marks Infinite Body’s transition into deeper waters and opening up to the world around him.

Pitchfork Loves them… see!

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