05.06 2010

Dear & Yonder screening!

Daring Stories of Ladies United by the Sea

Created by Tiffany Campbell and Andria Lessler Dear & Yonder features a diverse cast of ladies united by their love of the sea. Their dynamic skills and personalities shine as the film follows them around the world to just around the corner.

Top professionals Stephanie Gilmore, Sally Fitzgibbons, Silvana Lima, Coco Ho, Lee-Ann Curren and Sofia Mulanovich travel to Indonesia where they navigate its green caves and aqua faces with ferocity and grace. Back on the mainland Kassia Meador, Ashley Davis and Prue Jefferies get lost in the possibilities of a diverse quiver, from logs to quads, at a perfect point in Mexico.

In addition to documenting the most progressive surfing of today, Dear and Yonder spreads its roots deeper into new soils that
cultivate knowledge of place, a sense of history, and encourage sustainable practices. These themes are explored through the stories and insights of the film’s expert water women. Bodysurfer and geophysicist, Judith Sheridan, utilizes her knowledge of the geological forces that have shaped San Francisco’s dramatic coastline to fearlessly charge the brutal surf of Ocean Beach. Far out to sea, Captain Liz Clark demonstrates her commitment to surfing and the environment by utilizing wind power to sail the world in search of the best waves. In the spirit of craft and innovation, Ashley Lloyd shapes and surfs a board utilizing a vegetable based Biofoam blank and Belinda Baggs sews her own boardshorts from vintage fabrics between sessions at Noosa Heads. Taking a sojourn from surfing, we cross the Arizona border where skateboarders Amy Caron, Lacey Baker, Evelyn Boulliard, and Letica Buffoni shred some concrete against a stunning desert backdrop.

These women show how far women’s surfing has come, but in order to find out from where, the film journeys back in time to uncover the rich history of women’s surfing with icons Linda Benson, Rell Sunn, Kim Mearig and Lisa Andersen.

This is but a glimpse into the film’s dynamic cast of women who were chosen not only for their skills in the water but also for their positive relations with the natural world, each other and themselves.
The authenticity and feeling of each surfer’s experience is captured in the imagery, music and art that reflect the vision of the project and the people involved.

Primarily shot on 16mm film by expert cinematographers: Thomas Campbell, Scott Soens, Bali Strickland, Tiffany Campbell, John Smart and Dave Homcy. The imagery is further enhanced by music selections mined from the vast world of sound. Including original compositions by accomplished violinist Jennifer Curtis, underground band of surfers The Rustangs, and local musicians from the Tuamotus Islands. Independent music provided by Vetiver, Black Mountain, The Magnetic Fields, Tim Cohen, Calexico, and Tussle. Josh and Jason Diamond, editors of well known surf movies: Seedling, Sprout, Thread, and most recently The Present, apply their skills in the editing suite, and artists Jeff Canham, Nat Russell and Lori d. lend their talents throughout the project.

Tiffany and Andria tie these carefully crafted pieces together in a rare and genuine story about our human bond with the sea told from the female perspective. Our hope is for the depth and beauty of the film to traverse perceived boundaries and for each viewer to take a meaningful piece with them that will percolate positively back into our communities and lineups. Dear and Yonder is our way of giving something back to the thing we love.


Tiffany Campbell and Andria Lessler met 10 years ago on a trail to Sykes Hot Springs nestled in the recesses of Big Sur. It was the small world of skateboarding that brought them there in
the first place, and shared values and vision that kept their paths aligned in the years that followed. They supported each other in various ways as they embarked on their individual projects, including Tiffany’s production of a seminal women’s skateboarding film, and writing of a book on animal tracking and Andria’s development of an ever more sustainably run bakery cooperative and organization of various community arts, music and film events. These roots in skateboarding, music, film and conscious participation with the planet are shared with Dear and Yonder’s primary cinematographer, veteran filmmaker, Thomas Campbell. The common cultural history and mutual respect of the production team creates a solid foundation from which they challenge each other to create a film that surpasses a singular imagination.

dear & yonder

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