05.02 2010

Étincelles: Leyla Majeri, Nadia Moss, Emi Honda

Leyla Majeri
Nadia Moss
Emi Honda

May 7th – May 29th, 2010
Opening Reception: May 7th 7pm – 10pm

Space 1026
1026 Arch St. 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Emi Honda is a Japanese-born artist who has lived in Canada for over a decade. Her delicate and intricate work utilizes materials scavenged from the excesses of daily life. Dusty fake flowers, broken toys, pieces of luxurious fur coats and electrical parts from old VCRs… These once beloved possessions end up in her collection through friend’s hands, thrift shops, or found in the streets and back alleys of Montreal. Carefully chosen materials and calculated compositions bring a gentle order to her work, yet an underlying darkness trickles through even her most whimsical works; a fungus that eats away at its edges. Honda is a member of Montreal-based band Elfin Saddle currently on Constellation Records (they will be touring the northeastern United States this May). Emi has recently expanded her practice to include video/film creation with a new film WURLD, a collaboration with bandmate Jordan McKenzie. For more information, visit elfinsaddle.com

Leyla Majeri is a musician and visual artist, living in Montreal. Under the pseudonym Alphonse Raymond, she has done several small books, zines and newspapers. With silkscreening as her prefered technique, her work explores different methods in order to manipulate colours and geometry inside a world where which games and amusement are used to make imagination triumph. Her drawings, sculptures and performances have been noticed by the experimental art and music scene. Her work has been shown by the galleries Little Cakes and Hanna, as well as by the publishing houses Buenaventura Press and Le Dernier Cri (France). She is currently watching the last episodes of Inuyasha.

Nadia Moss was born in Ontario Canada. She currently lives and works in Montreal.
She has released two artist books with the independent publishing house L’Oie de Cravan (Mr. Non Pigeon 2005, Bébé 2008). She’s participated in numerous zine and small press fairs and has exhibited her work and given talks in commercial galleries and artist run centers across Canada. Her drawings have been featured in Canadian magazines such as The Walrus, Maissonneuve. She has also recently had a drawing accepted for publication in Harpers Magazine. She’s been awarded a grant from BravoFACT, to make a short puppet film which has been shown internationally as well as broadcast in Canada. In October 2009 she did a residency at the Banff Center for the Arts. As well as working in visual art, Nadia is an active member of the music community. She’s played in numerous bands and has collaborated with musicians from all around, notably Carla Bozulich, Vic Chesnutt and Osama Shalabi. She’s also done album artwork and posters for many bands in Montreal.

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