05.07 2010


May 7­-30, 2010
Opening: Friday, May 7th, 6-8pm
Kaitlin Mosley, Rebecca Suss, Lauren van Haaften-Schick

Art in the Age is pleased to announce the opening of its May exhibition, Scope, featuring new works by Kaitlin Mosley, Rebecca Suss and Lauren van Haaften-Schick. Scope investigates nature’s capacity for growth, infinity, suffocation and serenity at its edge. Through drawings, paintings and photographs frozen moments of endless processes find new meaning in landscapes as they achieve both topical and internal space. Kaitlin Mosley’s airy compositions allude to memory and personal experience; their dry and static composition renders them moments without time, filled with allusion without action. Rebecca Suss’ thick, painterly mark-making fuses the artist’s physical work with the infinite motion of the sea; both bodies are forever churning, engaged in a process which is only self-perpetuating, and without end. Lauren van Haaften-Schick’s ink drawings of dense floral growth evoke both the ecstatic chaos of growth, while the flatness of her monochromatic seascapes present the experience of viewing this void as the experience of flatness itself. Built from fine, dense marks, both bodies of work appear flat in their composition ­as a product of their density.

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