02.05 2011

The Vat – Feb 6


Ranky Tanky

music at The Vat
1822 N. Hancock St. #3

Sunday February Six
Nine P.M.

Daily Life: synth “pop” power duo (trio) from Providence, RI. C.F. sings of things you only wish you could think of. smooth, rhythmic, and powerful. new record “Necessary and Pathetic” out now on Load Records.

Night Burger: a “street animal” plays music on electronics. trance gutter dub with tapes and keyboards.

Dick Neff: one man’s loner riffs on real drums\invisible guitar.

Tinnitustimulus: aka Party Tom aka Fiesta Thomas. a frenzy of scrapping squealing hate.

Five dollar suggested donation entry “fee”
dollar off if you wear a single black leather glove.

also new cassettes from
Russian Tsarlag
Dick Neff
Two Years on Welfare
and Mark Lord