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08.02 2007


Friday night at the space is the opening of Staring therapy, and renowned staring therapist Victoria Kent will be present to guide visitors through their first staring therapy experiences.There will also be THE BEST YARDSALE OF THE SUMMER from 7 to 11pm. This is not a yard sale to be missed – trust me – donations are coming in from all-stars from accross philadelphia and toronto.see you at therapy!

08.02 2007



we have tons of amazing stuff all for sale, all for cheap.

also featuring Suprise Musical guests, and… there will be staring therapy taking place in the gallery, thanks to Staring Therapist Victoria Kent and her wonderful friends from Toronto. This is not to be missed. honest.

06.19 2007

Staring Therapy – Phone Message

Hi! This message was left for you, its about the august show at the space: Staring Therapy
See you in august!

Seth, Sandy and Victoria

06.19 2007

Staring Therapy

The August show is called staring therapy. Its a whole bunch of artists from Toronto and all over. Lots of fun!

Exhibition: August 3 – September 1, 2007
Location: Space 1026 – 1026 Arch St. Philadelphia PA 19107
Reception with the artists: Friday August 3rd, 7-11pm
For more information contact: Jesse Goldstein 610-405-3972 or

Toronto artists Victoria Kent, Seth Scriver, and Sandy Plotnikoff gathered works for this exhibition by sending out a pre-recorded phone message* to friends and contacts around the globe. People responded with small artworks and found objects, which will form an installation to be viewed through specially decorated Staring Tubes.

Staring Therapist Victoria Kent will be present at the reception to welcome visitors, with surprise guests providing musical entertainment.

The artists involved in Staring Therapy are fixtures of a Toronto art scene known for its peculiar (and always free) happenings. For this show, they have turned Plotnikoff’s basement and yard into a “Value Village” thrift store, where they’ve held weakly yard sales with musical guests and free airbrushed personalization of goods. Held throughout the summer, the sales have helped them raise the money they needed to make their trip to Philadelphia possible. On opening night, they will bring their final yard sale of the summer to Space 1026; donations of used goods for the yard sale may be dropped off at the gallery sometime before August 3rd.

*Call for submissions (mp3):

Tara Azzopardi, Jeremy Bailey, Cecilia Berkovic, John Caffery, Miles Collyer, Armand Cousineau, Mark Delong, Janis Demkiw, Shayne Ehman, Anne Fauteux, Iris Fraser, Anitra Hamilton, Emily Hogg, Andrew Hunt, Jay Isaac, Keith Jones, Victoria Kent, Devon Knowles and Peter Gazendam, Jeffro Halliday, Jez, Jinhan Ko, Amy C. Lam, Craig Leonard, Amy Lockhart, Jiva MacKay, Jason McLean, Mombert, Terry Piercey, Sandy Plotnikoff, Tanya Read, Jon Sasaki, Seth Scriver, Jocelyn Shipley, Malcolm Sutton, Swintak, Kika Thorne, Josh Thorpe, Ron Tran, RM Vaughan, Brent Wadden, Brodie West, Erin Zimerman, and others tba…

07.27 2006

Space 1026 at Magic Pony Tonite!!

We have a show in toronto tonite at this great gallery and store called magic pony ( The show is up for a month. Check us out canada.

05.25 2006

oh canada

yesterday a door to door salesman in a suit and tie came to my door – wanted me to use his company to invest in retirement accounts or something – he told me that families like mine were concerned most with inflation – which was good to know.but then today – I get a thank you card – handwritten – from the guy: thanks for letting me spend time with you and tell you about our services it says. My sister doesnt even send me thank you cards anymore. this is a strange land.

07.06 2005

Devil Thom

warning: when Thom goes bad, his tongue goes flourescent. Whatever you do, DONT MENTION SAMMY HAGAR.

07.05 2005

Live 8, FUCK YEAH!

Natalie portman told us that by being at live 8 we were saving the world. what were you doing on july 2nd? probably not saving the world. like we were.

06.25 2005

things that are good = thom

things that are not good = the blog is only like 6 entries deep and all of the old stuff gone disappeared. aw gee gonzo cant we have just a bit more porridge please, pretty pretty please. who we saving bandwith for anyway – comcast already got like a gazillion gigahertz?

06.22 2005

i’m a new man

and back in phila