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01.24 2013

Cars Will Burn ‘Dollar’

Cars WIll Burn ‘Dollar’

…a minimal psychedelic romp through horrid power 99 anthems hijacked with nothing but a pair of akai s20’s and a 2 octave midi keyboard painted all black…

Listen to it on Jewishnoise!

01.19 2013

TONIGHT – Cars Will Burn – at Crane – 8pm


Live Sets by:::
:::Population One [aka Terrence Dixon] [Tresor/Utensil/Metroplex/Thema/Delsin || Detroit]
:::westov temple [inciting/Great Circles || Phila]
:::Cars Will Burn [Jewish Noise || Phila]

Plus special guest DJ sets throughout the event by:::
:::Lenny Posso [Founder+owner of exceptional record labels Thema and Chronicle || Brooklyn]

Presented with the support of Crane Arts and the Curatorial Lab.

NikSound // $15 //

NOTE: Please be aware of the start time and location.This event starts at 8PM [not an afterhours!] and is at the CRANE ARTS building on American Street – not at inciting hq and not at The Old School where the first Monochrome Sequence event was held.

Full details here!

01.10 2013


Vavatican: (pROM nIGHT rECORDS) Brooklyn. New Music group exploring the potential of timbre and form by use of extended technique, graphic notation and intuition, composing music that is a finely tuned amalgamation of improvisation and structure. The group’s compositional aesthetics has been described as reminiscent of the efforts of Morton Feldman and early AACM.

(from Something Else! by S. Victor Aaron)
“Just when you think you’ve heard it all — literally — some really crafty cats come along and create sounds that hadn’t quite been previously contemplated. A couple of such musicians from Philadelphia’s fertile experimental music scene banded together to create some of this alien but strangely alluring noise. Trombonist Dan Blacksberg (Anthony Braxton Quartet, Archer Spade duo with Nick Millevoi) and transmuted Casio keyboard technician Julius Masri (Electric Simcha, Avant rock band LionsHead, Noise duo Chakra Khan/Air Pirates with Millevoi) pooled their vast experience working on the fringes of music to form a New Music duo called Superlith and recently came out with their first album, Plasma Cluster. (Public Eyesore/Eh? Records)
Each of these players brings a unique perspective to the table. Masri is a trained jazz drummer whose curiosity about electronic sounds became a passion that’s led him to compose electronic music for choreography projects. For his part, Blacksberg sees no bounds in the sonorous possibilities of the trombone; he’s a superb technician who wants to go beyond merely doing what’s been done before and push the trombone into unfamiliar territory. On Plasma Cluster, he exploits the openings he sees to do so within the realm of electronic avant garde, and finds the complements to the buzzes, drones and chiming of Masri’s circuit-bent machinery.”

MPSP is Mark Price and Sebastian Petsu, sonicists who align their broken and unorthodox techniques embarking on frenzied, derailed, and blasted-out joy rides through house, hiphop, metal, dub, and American noise. Mark Price solos as the enigmatic and genuinely unpredictable Cars Will Burn. Described as a methodical dissection of Top 40 hip-hop club bangers that are at once scummy and decadent. Ultimately saying “yes, but…” to the world in the finest sampler abuse tradition. For Sebastian Petsu, live manipulations of cassettes and cassette players form the core of his sound art process. Sebastian began re-purposing and layering found tapes with the Rain of Belle Isle duo. In current collaborations he now utilizes an unfair amount of controlled, textured tape deck feedback.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
8:00pm – FREE

@ The Rotunda
4014 Walnut Street, Philadelphia

Vavatican (NY), Superlith (Phil), MPSP(Phil)

12.27 2012


Mark Price, zine, Obsessive Themes, 2012
‘Obsessive Themes’ is December’s Zine of the Month – available now and featuring all original mono screen prints from 2005 – 2012. Original and unique content for each of the 30 ‘zines in this edition. Get it from Zine of the Month!

11.06 2012

This Friday at Frame Works…

The year end show at Frame Works Gallery. Featuring original artwork by local artists, all for under $200.

Opening reception: Friday November 9, 6 – 9 PM
Holiday Party: Friday December 14, 6 – 9 PM

@ 2103 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

10.26 2012

Factory Action…

Lots of new work posted including a series of mono-prints, design for a new Bee Mask release, and spreads from Cram This Into Your Life (2005).

Please visit

10.03 2012

New Zine of the Month Drop

‘Untitled’ by Max Seckel and ‘Decorative Meaning’ by Mark Price are available individually or as part of a year subscription from Zine of the Month. Check it!

06.16 2010


Friday June 18th 8pm
@ International Waters house
South 48th Street Philadelphia
(@ Hazel)

Mincemeat Or Tenspeed
Neros Day At Disney Land (Oakland)
The Suicide Magnets
Cars Will Burn

Bring Money!

05.31 2010


Designer End Game Strategies exhibition closing party and live screenprinting event: Thursday, June 03, 7

05.31 2010

Mike Fleming with Alicia Eggert @ 319 Building

36 clock hands mounted to white plexi will spell the word “ETERNITY” once every 12 hours, and we’re planning it for 8pm SHARP! on First Friday. Also showing 200 4×6 prints, and my partner/collaborator Alicia Eggert will be showing her mixed media sculpture work, including a self portrait “wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man.” All the work relates to the theme of time.

Friday June 4th
8 pm – eternity
319 North 11th