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05.17 2024

Expanded Dimensions is on view through May 31st


Check out Store 1026 for a some of the available works from the show and stop by the gallery Wednesdays through Fridays from 5pm to 7pm.

Closing Reception
Friday, May 31 from 6pm to 10pm

844 North Broad Street

About the Artists

Clyde Jurysta

I am an artist currently living in Philadelphia. Born to artist parents, I have been trained in various art forms from an early age, though I did not go to ‘art school’ for college. I consider the knowledge I have gained through working in the trades useful to my art making career. I enjoy putting various techniques to practice including welding, forging, wood working, electrical, printmaking, painting, casting and sculpting etc., and source my materials from the street, trash (wanna see my collection of salvaged motors?) construction sites, hardware stores, the scrap yard, and the woods.

Growing up in Manhattan in the 90’s, I was fascinated by all of the neon lights that were everywhere. All of the strip clubs and adult stores had such good signage. A colored light bulb isn’t just color, it’s color being pushed into your eyeball. Your eye isn’t receiving the color passively. The color waves are flowing into you. That’s also why I love fluorescent colors. They vibrate with light, almost as if the colors are emitting light themselves.

Lately I’ve been very intrigued by geometry. Geometry is in everything. It’s microscopic and infinite. Don’t get me started on fractals! Exploring these topics from a base level, using materials I know and enjoy such as wood, has been a great way to learn more about the math and science behind these forms. The geometric frame pieces have been a kind of challenge to myself to see if I can make some of the shapes I’ve been making, but well enough that I don’t need (much) filler. I love how the oiled mahogany highlights the beauty of the shape, and the brass detail highlights the beauty of the mahogany.

The optical illusion paintings have been a really exciting way for me to explore color. How colors interact with each other and how they interact with the senses. Exploring color, pattern and texture might be a never ending path of learning for me.

I derive inspiration from life. The human form, queerness, music, nature, science, folklore, old wisdom, communing with nature, and the unknown. My current themes include gateways to other worlds, optical illusions, and the supernatural. My queer identity influences my art and subject matter. In a grander sense, I want my art to bring light and joy to those who see it.

Free Palestine. End genocide everywhere. Land back. Destroy capitalism. Power to the people!

Yianni Kourmadas

Yianni Kourmadas is a tradesperson, trash-picker and tinkerer using raw materials to create Living Objects that blur the human/machine boundary. Inspired by the mechanical and sonic possibilities inherent in each physical scrap, Yianni designs and builds objects that wake up into existence, explore their desires, and talk or move with the aid of motors or hand-cranks. Creatures of irregularity, Living Objects, unlike their mechanical counterparts in the Crumbling World, do not do work.

11.01 2023

Community Embrace: The Story of the LindoYes Poetry Gumball Machines

This video is the official trailer for the documentary “Community Embrace: The Story of the LindoYes Poetry Gumball Machines.” This documentary follows LindoYes’s poetry gumball machine initiative from its inception and its impact on providing mental health resources to the community in the Philadelphia greater metropolitan area.

More info here

09.27 2023

Surf Community Responds to Dangerous Debris

Surfer Standing on Beach

In late July, the Delaware Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation was alerted to a hazardous situation at North Indian River Inlet beach by surfer, Surfrider Foundation volunteer, and community organizer Crystal Stokowski. Long buried road construction materials including concrete, asphalt and rebar, have been uncovered by the narrowing of the beach, leading to beach goer injuries.

Read more (Surfrider Foundation Deleware)

Read more (WMDT)

10.20 2022

Tom Bubul: Slowing Time

Nov. 4 – Nov. 25, 2022

Opening Reception: Nov. 4

6pm – 10pm

Space 1026

844 N. Broad St.

Phila., PA 19130

09.12 2022

In Loving Memory

Opening Reception October 7th from 6pm to 9pm
Space 1026
844 North Broad Street, Philadelphia

Featuring work by members of the Vox Populi Collective

Kirk McCarthy
Makeba Rainey
Emmanuela Soria Ruiz
Lea Devon Sorrentino
Lane Speidel
Jim Strong
Aaron Terry
Roopa Vasudevan
KT Pe Benito
James Britt
Gerald Brown
Stephanie Bursese
Maia Chao
Natalie Hijinx
Natalie Kuenzi
Chelsey Luster

08.23 2022

Intro to DIY Sound Workshop

This 1.5 hour course with Kevin Keenan will cover the basics and necessities for setup and operation of PA systems for small to medium size events and performances.  The workshop will focus specifically on entry level equipment for beginners and those who are looking to improve the sound of their DIY shows.  Topics will include: Mixer and speaker placement, microphone selection/EQ, gain staging, and electronic music connections.  Attendees will have the opportunity to have hands-on, practical experience using the topics covered in the workshop.

*registration is full*

06.29 2022

Synapsis Universum

Solo exhibition with work on view by Reuben Francois

Opening Friday, August 5th, 2022
844 North Broad Street Philadelphia PA

Reuben Francois is a painter, interested in the way art can be used as a tool for expressing esoteric ideas of life. Currently, he is completing a series of works named “Diagrams”. The series centers on the concept of syncretism; the idea that many religions and cultures have similar stories and archetypes. Symbolism, in the Carl Jung school of thought, is a major part in Reuben’s creative and theoretical decision making. For Reuben, symbols serve as a way to express the inexpressible. By collecting symbols in a picture plane, painting brushes the shoulders of metaphysics.

His work is both a declaration of his personal philosophy as well as an emanation of his own spiritual journey;  a time capsule to his 23 years experienced on Spaceship Earth.

06.27 2022

Em n’ Thom Vinyl Dance Party

Friday, July 1st from 8pm-12am in the backyard
844 North Broad Street, entrance on Carlisle Street

06.20 2022

Animation Brüt

Wednesday, June 22nd at 8:30pm in the backyard. 844 North Broad Street Philadelphia

Animation Brüt is a rejection of conventional storytelling and image making. It embraces the gestural, the fervent, and the fevered dreamers of sequential imagery. Animation has limits, Animation Brüt embraces them and licks the wrapping for more flavour. Featuring CGI lacerations, hammered steel stop motion, and queer yearnings fuzzed out on magnetic tape. Curated by Sam GurryAnimation Brüt is a night of experimental animation, presenting 12 films by creators outside its traditional paradigm who seek to break down its boundaries.  

Lizard LadderTed Wiggin, 2020, 5’30 min
windows_h264_01Ingo Raschka, 2017, 1’30 min
Lessons in Baby Dyke Theory, TJ, 1995, 3 min
aziz-e-manAnnapurna Kumar, 2021, 3’15 min
SquishTulapop Saenjaroen, 2021, 18 min
Up CloseSam Gurry, 2021, 3’30 min
JuliaJulian Gallese, 2018, 2’30 min
Ruisdael CloudsJames Thatcher, 2020, 1 min
a flor singelaGabriel Pesso, 2021, 2’30 min
R1CT, Natalie Baber, 2022, 4’30 min
Stilton’s in ChargeJonni Phillips & Victoria Vincent, 2016, 4’30 min
Candy KissesAllyson Mitchell, 1999, 3 min
Heavy Metal Teddy BearNanny Lynn, 1994, 7’30 min

06.03 2022


Teen artist activist collective Creative Resilient Youth (CRY) will host a takeover of Space 1026 gallery in Philadelphia from June 3 to 5, shedding light on youth experiences of mental health and strategies to respond to injustices in care.

CRY is an intergenerational collective promoting equitable mental health care for young people in Philadelphia. CRY’s teen artists engage in a two-year program of co-learning, socially-engaged art making, and leadership training. The TAKEOVER event series is the culmination of a new cohort of young artists’ first year in CRY.

Events during the TAKEOVER exhibition include an opening celebration on Friday, June 3 from 6:00-9:00PM and a panel discussion on Sunday, June 5 bringing the current cohort of CRY teen artists in conversation with representatives from previous generations of the program, which was initiated by the Creative Resilience Collective in 2018.

CRY TAKEOVER 2022 exhibits artwork created by 11 emerging Philadelphia-area artists. After six months of exploring self-care, artmaking, and social critique in CRY, these teens highlight important opportunities for intergenerational community dialogue about mental health care and chances for collaborative action to improve outcomes for them and their peers.