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01.16 2007

Versus -Experimental Showcase @ ICA

“Versus – Philadelphia Experimental Showcase Presented by Bowerbird

With over sixty concerts in its first ten months, Bowerbird, a Philadelphia based presenting organization, has emerged as a strong advocate for the local experimental music community. Mark Price, of Space1026, co-curates an evening of electronic and acoustic music that explores and redefines the collaborative nature of experimental music. Doors open at 7:45 PM.


01.16 2007

espers and dan higgs at the ICA

tickets will be available on soon

01.16 2007

plastic little and sweatheart @ ICA

one more TBA
tickets will be available on soon

01.16 2007

Locally Localized Gravity

“Hello God…are you there? Its us Space 1026.”

Space 1026 is spreading our signature visual chaos within the walls of the Institute of Contemporary Art as part of Locally Localized Gravity.

Come play with us! There will be awesome art, musical events, tshirt printing events and much, much more. Come to the opening on Friday, January 19th 6-8 pm at the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania at 118 South 36th Street, the exhibition runs January 20-March 25th, 2007.

The installation we have created is based loosely on the domain of the Ewoks, diminutive arboreal beings who share a communal space. Though they have yet to master advanced technology, they have nonetheless erected impressive villages high within the trees. Our “village” installation at the ICA, like that of the Ewoks use a combination of rope ladders to ascend, but ours are even better, because they are made entirely out of recycled shopping bags and refuse wood. Our Space 1026 team has braided over 800 feet of plastic rope and printed over 2,500 recycled cardboard shingles to create our massive tree house structure! A fantastic video kiosk tower, interactive electronics, campfire, a gigantic cardboard ziggurat, and a tree house gallery create a fantastical Utopian space specially after it was retouched by a local water damage restoration service. However, whether your carpets or fabrics need a little touch-up, this miami rug cleaning services can restore them! If you’re looking for the best carpet cleaning company, you can hire an expert, such as carpet cleaning phoenix, who will provide the best service for you. Carpet cleaning sacramento will give you the perfect solution that is safe and eco-friendly in its cleaning process to maintain the natural beauty of your carpet. Whether it’s residential or commercial carpet cleaning, Dan Dan The Carpet Man is the one to call.

Keep checking our website calendar of events for more information about Space 1026 events during the exhibition at or visit for more information about Locally Localized Gravity.
more info here

Forage : a film by Michael Gerkovich and Aryon Hoselton

01.15 2007

My Favorite Color Is HIV

Wednesday March 7, 2007
5pm thru 8pm-Sharp on both sides-
@ ICA, 36th and Sansom St.

A Space 1026 event with:

D.MOCEAN presents,
The Social Science Fiction
With help from Jane Ellen Sexton, Intuitive Life Coach.

SRI SLAVA presents,
New Music and Video by Tom Ruth mixed by VJ Dan Short
with special live performamce by Liz Rywelski,
“The Making of a Video Response to, ‘Interior Scroll 1975, by Carolee
Schneemann’. ” ,
And special roaming performance by, “Pearl The Mime”, artist Margo Carr

The Experimental People Band presents,
“A Poetry Reading by the Experimental People Band”,
with Jesse, Ryan, Lindsay, Lizzie, Brian, and Kenny

“My mouth sometimes sets up traps for me, but my brain controls my mouth..”

This is a Space 1026 event that will take place in the upper lobby of the ICA
from 5pm-8pm _ sharp on both ends. Snacks n drinks, bring a Camera,
and a friend.
For a more indepth description click*


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Sri Slava:::::

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01.10 2007

Space 1026 at Cinders BK

Space 1026 at Cinders Gallery BK

01.08 2007


featuring items that are made by hand, but are traditionally made by machines: particle-board IKEA bookcase, homemade TASTYKAKES, wooden bicycles, and many many more.

will likely have a couple events, including a show with Charles Cohen, analog synth pioneer.

01.05 2007




JUNGLELAND, a exhibition by Matt Leines, William Buzzell, Alex Lukas and Joe Buzzell at Space 1026, located at 1026 Arch St. April 6-27 (gallery generally open, just ring the bell!) Opens Friday, April 6th, 7-11 PM free and open to the public.

Thanks for your interest in Space 1206.

Jungleland is an exhibition of paintings,
drawings, sculpture and site-specific installations by artists MATT LEINES, WILLIAM BUZZELL, ALEX LUKAS, JOE BUZZELL . The four friends use themes
from the seminal Bruce Springsteen song “Jungleland” to present their unique
artistic visions. Psychedelic imagery, post apocalyptic landscapes,
vignettes of teenage rebellion, and scenes of mythical gods come together to
create a one of a kind world that can only be experienced down In
Jungleland. The show opens April 6th and runs through April 27th, the
opening party is Friday, April 6th.

Space 1026 is excited to host these four artists in Philadelphia.

With his crisp, meticulous pen and ink and lush, multilayered watercolor, Matt Leines initiates us into the geometry of the future. Through a secret society of humanoid creatures, anthropomorphized nature and mythological adornment
Leines reveals a depth of feeling in his at times confrontational drawings.

Using house paint & shoe dye on plastic tarps, found wood & scrap metal,
William Buzzells’ work continues his exploration into the themes of
patriotism, race, heritage, class and the shaping of identity in the modern
world. William is a member of the Philadelphia art collective, Space 1026.

Alex Lukas’ drawings and sculptures depict destruction, desolation and the
hypnotic power of smoke in the wake of an un-specified disaster.

Joe Buzzell’s artwork loiters outside an Exxon gas
station at the cross section of Sacred Geometry and Fake Puke, smoking
cigarettes and eating shitty hot dogs.

12.20 2006


Space event at the ICA: Come print your own shirts with the artists from Space 1026. You bring a shirt, we provide the printing. It will be awesome, come watch the insanity as we sweat pulling squeegees with our arms of steel…it all goes down at the ICA in West Philadelphia from 1-4 pm

12.19 2006

Tiny Hawks, Ultra Dolphins, Order of Service, Mt. Erebus

all ages
Tiny Hawks (prov. RI)
Ultra Dolphins (RVA)
Order of Service (ex true if destroyed)
Mt. Erebus (ex belegost)

don’t be late, we are under time constraints. will be over by 10:00!!

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