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07.15 2010

Jason Hsu @ Green Line Cafe, Powelton

I got a bunch of photos and a few drawings up at the Green Line Cafe on Powelton.

If you’re around West Philly getting a cup of coffee be sure to check it out! It’ll be there until July 25th.

07.12 2010

Holly Holly Hobby Hobby Anniversary Party!!!

Holly Holly Hobby Hobby Anniversary Party!!!

Holly Hobby is the singular alter ego of Philadelphia-based artists Anni Altshuler and Leah Mackin. The duo joined forces one year ago with the creation of the periodical zine, Holly Holly Hobby Hobby. Join us to eat, drink and get loud. Including but not limited to an anniversary zine release, re-issues of Holly Hobbies, free stuff, raffles, waffles, videos, beers, Chinese pastries and definitely no hugs.

Friday, July 16th
7pm to 10pm

at Space 1026
1026 Arch St. 2nd floor
Philadelphia, PA