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03.17 2009

I guess it’s too late, but…

Jason and Chris got mentioned in the City Paper’s Last Chance column. You can read Holly Otterbein’s words here and see some photos on our Flickr.

02.19 2009

Proximity Magazine

If you want to read a little about Space 1026 you should pick up the latest issue of the Chicago-based periodical Proximity.

01.31 2009


You can see photos of the opening and the installation of Chris Kline and Jason Hsu’s Paper Crystals on Fecal Face HERE.
Also, some photos from the opening of New Ancient Structures also on Fecal Face HERE.

12.31 2008


Ginko Press has released a new monograph of artwork and writings by
Caleb Neelon (Caleb Neelon’s Unrealistic Expectations, Space 1026, February, 2006).
Check it out.
Congrats Caleb.
For more images click bellow.

Caleb Neelon at 1026, Feb. 2006.

12.05 2008

Art Auction Preview and Merch Madness!!!!!!!

Along with the art auction preview at space 1026 there will be a special one friggin night only space 1026 merch sale!

With posters, t-shirts, buttons, zines, hoods and more merch unlike you have ever seen before anywhere, ever!

Friday December 5, 6pm – 10pm

1026 Arch st., 2nd fl.
Phila PA

10.20 2008

ITSOK at Space 1026 on Fecal Face

Sighn recounts his full stay in Philadelphia installing his October show with Trevor Reese entitled Our Intentions are Honorable.

Full post on Fecal Face.

10.08 2008

Press for Our Intentions are Honorable

The October show at Space 1026 recently received the following press:

ITS OK: An INTERVIEW with The Artist Known As SIGHN

“It’s one of the best shows we’ve seen there in a while — unexpected and provocative. Fun, too.” posted by Libby and Roberta on Artblog

The show is on view in the Space 1026 gallery the entire month of October.

09.16 2008

2012 : Apocalyptic Signs that Plastic Little Killed Hip Hop : 2012

Its official. Plastic Little scored a half page photo in the Sunday edition of NyTimes Arts Leisure section with awesome quotes from Plastic Little such as “In a sense, these meta-rappers have become keepers of the flame for the genres old guard neo-traditionalists in eccentrics clothing. Theres always nostalgia its a byproduct of capitalism” said Jayson Musson, 30, the frontman for the Philadelphia rap satirists Plastic Little. “Especially for the kids who werent really there, that era becomes hypercool, like the 50s and the Beats.”

The photo was taken from the video “Dopeness” directed by space member Ted Passon. Big thanks to everyone who helped, Carrie from Fabric Horse for making the outfits and the giant vagina, Kelly Turso for taking such a lovely photo, Devynn Emory for the excellent choreography, and super special thanks to the dancers: RoAnne, Meg, Daniele, Hedy, and Dave, and the abandoned hospital people, and

congrats kurt jay jon squid and si young

to watch the video by ted, check it out here

05.13 2008


Spacer Bill McRight gets a little write up in the up-coming issue of JUXTAPOZ (#89). Pick up a copy on news stands soon.

05.13 2008


So I was going through old magazines last night after I got back from California and I came across the Tokion Disobedients issue from like 2002.

Beyond being a trip down memory lane of artists who’s work I used to (some of whom I still do) drool over and steal from, it was a nice reminder of the energy and excitement that comes with young people making stuff together.

If sensation was sparked by the work actually in the magazine, or if it was more of a memory of where I was when I got the issue, I can’t say. Either way, it was nice to see 1026 mentioned alongside The Luggage Store, New Image and Alife as a venue that fostered those then young artists.

Click the IMAGE link bellow to read the write up.