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05.02 2008

Fuzz Opening Night

6-10pm TONIGHT

Andy Jenkins

Patrick Costello

Erin Womack

Kristin Smith

Victoria Long and Meg Frisbie

Jason Kachadourian

Travis Robertson

05.01 2008

FUZZ : Pillow Fort Update

Stop by Space on May 2 for the Opening Reception of FUZZ

6 to 10 PM – Featuring cupcakes, a live musical performance by psychedelic-folk duo Anahita (featuring Tara from Fursaxa and Helena from Espers) and fuzz-folk band The Great White Jenkins from Richmond, VA. Music begins at 8 pm.

Pillow Fort

04.04 2008

LoBot First Friday Opening at 6pm

Preview the install in progress of the LoBot show that is opening this First Friday, April 4th, at 6pm.

LoBot will be cooking dinner.

04.04 2008

LoBot Installation

LoBot Gallery has been building something massive in our gallery. Stop by this first Friday, April 4th, at 6pm and all month long to experience it first hand.

LoBot will be serving dinner.

making multiples

projections and parapet

stop by and see

03.19 2008

12×36 First Friday April

There’s a photo show called 12×36 that opens FRIDAY April 4th at 222 Gallery in Philadelphia, and on April 5th at Gallery Revisited in Los Angeles, and ArtSpaceHue in Seoul, Korea.
They picked five artists from each city and gave us each a point-and-shoot lomographic camera with colored filters over the flash, and one roll of film. They are showing three pictures from each artist as well as the contact sheets.
I am in the show as well as 1026er Dan Murphy and our pal Randall Sellers among others.

03.06 2008

first friday!

everyone check out dave’s show at copy gallery!

Reflection Time

Opening March 7 2008 6pm – 11pm
through March 30th

Copy Gallery presents a multi-channel video installation by Dave Dunn.

About the Artist:
David Dunn received his BFA from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers, New Brunswick in 2001. He lives in Philadelphia is a member of the Small Change Film Screening Series, Copy Gallery, and Space 1026.

02.04 2008

Small Change with JEM COHEN + The Ex & Patti Smith!

The Small Change Screening Series and the International House Present:

Two Films by JEM COHEN!

Smells Like Teen Spirit
2007, video, 8 mins, color
Jem Cohen presents Patti Smith

02.04 2008

Some Photos from First Friday on One Culture and the New Sensibility

Annette (One culture and the New Sensibility) stopped by White Noise on Friday, and will be writing something up on it in the near future, aka “I promise to review as soon as I can go back and take notes”.

01.31 2008

first friday at cafe estelle

check out some new work by me, crystal stokowski in group show at cafe estelle on 444 n. 4th street. it’s in a cool building between spring garden and callowhill. reception is from 6-9pm tomorrow night. the show runs for the whole month of february!

01.30 2008


On 7:00PM Friday, February 1st, 7-10:30pm
At Space 1026 in Philly, 1026 Arch St.
******WHITE NOISE********
A show about modern mysticism.

Young people are turning to spirituality, new psychedelia, environmentalism and mysticism expressed through art-making to find solace in this crazy place.

sculpture/installation, drawings, paintings, & video/animation.

Drew Beckmeyer
Michelle Blade
Thermi Caniagim
Kevin Hooyman
Pauliina M