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04.20 2012

Hustlers of Kenzo

Last night was Settlers of Catan bootleg night and we made our own board!

1 Piece of Broken Glass + 1 Piece of Swag + 1 Piece of Wood with a Nail in It + 1 Cat = An Empty Box of Dunkin’ Donuts.

2 Pieces of Swag + 3 Tall Boys = A Full Box of Dunkin’ Donuts.

02.27 2010



Emilia Brintnall

Jason Hsu

Anni Altshuler

Matt Leines

06.17 2009

This Week on MySpace

What ever happened to just plain “Adam Wallacavage rules”? Now he’s got to rule my butt as well.

Space 1026 0n MySpace

MySpace isn’t what it used to be.