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09.07 2009

T-Shirt Fest 2009 Bonus Track!

The Barack/Philles Total Winners!!! Available as a shirt and a print on paper. Get it only here.

09.07 2009


T-SHIRT No.4 – the White X-Wave. Do you want to expand your mind without drugs or book learning? This t-shirt can help! Simply go 3 days without any sleep and then stare at the white x-wave while wearing 3-D glasses. You will see stuff. Stuff you will see. Only available at

08.27 2009

T-SHIRT FEST 2009! T-Shirt No.2: the Diamond Wave

“Hey handsome, that is a neat shirt.”
“Oh thanks, I made it.”
“Wow, where can I get one?”
“Does it come in other color combinations?”

08.24 2009


Store 1026 kicks-off Andrew Jeffrey Wright T-Shirt Fest 2009 with the Mr. ET shirt! This is the first time this shirt has been available online ever maybe! Get it in natural and black.

10.25 2008

Reppin’ @ 215 Festival

We’re selling books today at the 215 Festival. RIGHT NOW! Get here!

We’re here until 6:00pm.
Space 1026 + Free News + Lots of awesome stuff.

215 Festival
Latvian Society
531 N. 7th Street

02.07 2008

STORE 1026 in the tubes.

City Paper just covered Store 1026.

Read the full article.

Check out the Store 1026 photos that didn’t make the article below.

Store 1026 product

Store 1026 product

Store 1026 product

Store 1026 product

02.06 2008

asian crew loves store 1026

store hours–
friday 6-10pm
saturday 2-8pm

02.01 2008

STORE 1026

we’re open tonight from 6-10!!!! come on in!!!!

White Noise Show Zine & Poster

By Justin B. Williams, Kyle Mock and Isaac Lin

Signed & numbered edition of 15. Only $25 bucks at Store 1026.