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04.27 2009


after dark 425

03.19 2009

Creating Opportunities through Collaborations and Cooperatives

Thursday, March 19th at 5:30pm

The Felicity R. (Bebe) Benoliel Gallery, The Center for Emerging Visual Artists, 237 S. 18th Street, The Barclay, Suite 3A, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Join us to learn how to generate new opportunities for your work and boost your resume through collaboration with fellow artists. Artistic duo Stephen Dufala and Billy Blaise Dufala along with representatives from Vox Populi and Aryon Hoselton from Space 1026 will share their experiences and answer your questions about building creative partnerships.

The program fee is $12.00 per session or $90.00 for the 2008-2009 Season. To reserve a seat, please call (215) 546-7775 x11 or email Please note: Seating is limited.

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01.17 2009

Believe in Green.

Aryon doesn’t watch sports but he likes the festivities. Especially if it involves mascots attacking inanimate objects.

01.16 2009

Vaudevillains NYB * Nuclear Winter * Mummer’s Parade 2009

Vaudevillains New Years Comic Brigade’s 2009 Mummer’s Parade Performance of Mummers in the Post Apocalyptic Nuclear Winter.

VNYB lives at NERD Island now.

Footage provided by the great Ron Goldwyn.

Digitizing provided by the daring David Dunn.

01.11 2009

Artist * Space * Available *

Learn more about NERD Island.

01.08 2009

AUCTION TIME: Space 1026 Art Auction Preview Rebroadcast

12.31 2008

Vaudevillains NYB * Mummers in the Post Apocalyptic Nuclear Winter

Parade starts at 10am.

VNYB should be performing around 10:30am.

2 Street at 4pm.

> Full Schedule.

VNYB is made possible with support from Space 1026.

12.24 2008

24 Hour Sewathon Photos

Hillary Mummer captured some Sewathon magic last weekend at Space 1026.

> View the set on Flickr.

12.22 2008

New Year’s Parade Performance and 2 Street Freakout

The Vaudevillains New Year’s Comic Brigade are performing around 10am in front of city hall, taking a mummer nap and then heading over to 2 Street at 4pm for the real parade.

VNYB is made possible with support from Space 1026.

12.22 2008

Midnight Mummers Appearance at Electric Factory with Gogol Bordello

New Year’s Eve VNYB parties professionally for you.

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