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06.14 2010


a night of stand-up, short plays, video, music and whatever!
Hosted by Rose Luardo and Andrew Jeffrey Wright
featuring Doogie Horner, Laris Kreslins, Chris Cotton, Body Dreamz, DJ Kurt Life, Meg and Rob, Matt Mcusker, Eric Osterman, DJ Yo Abby Abby and more!
at the Barbary, 951 Frankford and Delaware Ave.,
Tuesday June 22
doors 9pm/comedy 10-11:30/dance party 11:31-2am

05.23 2010

Bloodshed Skateboard Movie

Rick and Buddy of Sixstair present their horror skateboard movie Bloodshed. Flying Sutra will be performing live after the movie.
1026 arch st., 2nd fl.
7:30 – 10:30

05.20 2010


Space 1026 presents:


A night of the draggiest drag comedy ever dragged at Space 1026!
Come and see girls as guys, guys as girls and ?s as ?s!

Joanna Quigley
Meg and Rob
Eric Osterman
Melissa Biddle
Crystal Kovacs
Rose Luardo
Hillary Rea
Body Dreamz
Andrew Jeffrey Wright and more!

Come and be witness to the worlds newest, freshest, funkay-ist drag persona’s: Gail Stedman, Rodney, Andy Kaufman, Tinky Winky, Erica Sterman, Buddy Dreamz and more!

Saturday May 29th
8pm – 10pm

Space 1026
1026 Arch St., 2nd fl.

05.19 2010

Move Opening w/ Zomes, Koen Holtcamp, Tim Kerr & Rich Jacobs


Special music guests, Zomes (asa from Lungfish) Koen Holtcamp (from Mountians) Tim Kerr (from Big Boys, and all the bands that i dont have room to list.)

Exhibition & or group show with:

Eric White, Calef Brown, Jim Houser, Garry Davis, Karoline Collins, Tim Kerr, Chrissy Piper, Mofo, Jordin Isip, Rich Jacobs, Stephen Powers, Alberto Kroeger, James Gallagher, Jeff Canham, Louie Cordero, Bert Queiroz, Melinda Beck, Dan Murphy, Tod Swank, Rodger Bridges, Caroline Hwang, Jason Polan, Matt Leines, Jocko Weyland, Billy Sprague, Kate Hurowitz, Clint Woodside, Carl Dunn, Rob Ben, Martin Sorrondeguy, Jenna Robinson, Kelly Nicholson, Adam Wallacavage, Chris Duncan, Erika Borboa, Alex Lukas, Michael Bartalos, Ben Woodward, Isaac Lin, Max Lawrence, Chris Shary, Damian Abraham, Chris Stain, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Chris Kline, Derek Weisberg, John Freeborn, & maybe a few others?

“This will rule.”
– Clint Woodside

05.18 2010


Staring into the Sun
A film by Olivia Wyatt
60 minutes

Staring into the Sun is the latest ethno-folk cinema classic from Sublime Frequencies. Ethiopia is known to be one of the oldest areas inhabited by humans and presently has over 80 diverse ethnic groups. Photographer/filmmaker Olivia Wyatt explores 13 different tribes throughout Ethiopia in this visually stunning film. Traveling from the northern highlands to the lower Omo Valley, Wyatt brings together the worlds of Zar spirit possession; Hamer tribal wedding ceremonies; Borena water well polyphonic singing; wild hyena feedings; and bizarre Ethiopian TV segments; presenting an enchanting look at these ethereal images, landscapes and sounds from the horn of Africa. The tribes featured in this film are captured with an unflinching sense of realism and poetic admiration resulting in a visual and aural feast of the senses.

Land of the Songhai
A film By Hisham Mayet
30 minutes

Hisham Mayet’s latest film explores the music and landscape of the Songhai, around the Niger River in Western Niger. Zarma mock possession hoedowns, Wodaabe trance vocal performances, Spirit possession ceremonies, Godje one sting laments, contigi string masters, comsaa griots and Sahel night markets create a bizarre and fascinating glimpse into the arid and culturally vibrant bend in the Niger river.

sublime frequencies
staring into the sun trailer

$5 suggested donation

hisham mayet dj after party @ kung fu necktie

for more info email

05.07 2010


May 7­-30, 2010
Opening: Friday, May 7th, 6-8pm
Kaitlin Mosley, Rebecca Suss, Lauren van Haaften-Schick

Art in the Age is pleased to announce the opening of its May exhibition, Scope, featuring new works by Kaitlin Mosley, Rebecca Suss and Lauren van Haaften-Schick. Scope investigates nature’s capacity for growth, infinity, suffocation and serenity at its edge. Through drawings, paintings and photographs frozen moments of endless processes find new meaning in landscapes as they achieve both topical and internal space. Kaitlin Mosley’s airy compositions allude to memory and personal experience; their dry and static composition renders them moments without time, filled with allusion without action. Rebecca Suss’ thick, painterly mark-making fuses the artist’s physical work with the infinite motion of the sea; both bodies are forever churning, engaged in a process which is only self-perpetuating, and without end. Lauren van Haaften-Schick’s ink drawings of dense floral growth evoke both the ecstatic chaos of growth, while the flatness of her monochromatic seascapes present the experience of viewing this void as the experience of flatness itself. Built from fine, dense marks, both bodies of work appear flat in their composition ­as a product of their density.

05.06 2010

“Étincelles,” opens this FRIDAY!!!

Space 1026 is proud to announce the opening of “Étincelles,” featuring the artwork of Emi Honda, Leyla Majeri and Nadia Moss. This dynamic artistic trio currently resides in Montreal, QC, and will be showing a diverse range of work including printmaking, painting and video at Space1026 during the month of May. We are also excited to be premiering artist Emi Honda’s newest video/music endeavor under the performance alias Elfin Saddle , premiering concurrently at the MUSÉE D’ART CONTEMPORAIN DE MONTRÉAL.

Show opening is May 7th , 7pm – 10pm
May 7th – May 29th

Emi Honda is a Japanese-born artist who has lived in Canada for over a decade. Her delicate and intricate work utilizes materials scavenged from the excesses of daily life. Dusty fake flowers, broken toys, pieces of luxurious fur coats and electrical parts from old VCRs… These once beloved possessions end up in her collection through friend’s hands, thrift shops, or found in the streets and back alleys of Montreal. Carefully chosen materials and calculated compositions bring a gentle order to her work, yet an underlying darkness trickles through even her most whimsical works; a fungus that eats away at its edges.
Honda is a member of Montreal-based band Elfin Saddle currently on Constellation Records (they will be touring the northeastern United States this May). Emi has recently expanded her practice to include video/film creation with a new film WURLD, a collaboration with bandmate Jordan McKenzie. For more information, visit

Leyla Majeri is a musician and visual artist, living in Montreal. Under the pseudonym Alphonse Raymond, she has done several small books, zines and newspapers. With silkscreening as her prefered technique, her work explores different methods in order to manipulate colours and geometry inside a world where which games and amusement are used to make imagination triumph. Her drawings,