12.07 2020


Monday, December 7, 2020 | 8:00 PM 10:00 PM

An evening of live experimental music and performance from three long-standing Philadelphia based underground artists.

Ghost In Salad



Listen here.

12.05 2020

BYO T-shirt

Saturday December 5th between 10AM - 2PM

Drop off / Pick Up Printing Service

Stop back to get your freshly printed Space 1026 shirt!
844 North Broad Street Philadelphia PA 19130

12.04 2020

Tour of the Space

December 4th | 6:00 PM 6:30 PM

See inside the new space with Roman and Jackie as they give a live tour on Instagram.

View here.

12.01 2020

Fleisher Handmade: Opening Days

Monday, November 30th - Thursday, December 12th

HANDMADE’s online marketplace is perfect for those seeking unique and affordable holiday gifts from the safety of their homes. Get all of your shopping done in one place while supporting Philadelphia’s creative community. Follow them on Instagram @fleisherart for online event updates, vendor highlights, and more!

Shop Fleisher Handmade

11.21 2019

Art Auction 2019

2019 Auction Postcard Back

6PM Doors Open
7PM Bidding Begins

We are excited to host our annual Art Auction at 844 North Broad Street. Attendees can expect the same fun and excitement from this art community staple while celebrating the inaugural event in their new home. Think of it as a housewarming party where YOU get the presents.

Space 1026 has continued to thrive for 22 years with the support of its members past and present, as well as those within the Philadelphia community. The annual Art Auction has always been a major calendar event – donations and attendance from the auction foster our continued existence as an art collective and DIY venue in a very crucial way. In its 22nd year, Space 1026 continues to provide affordable studio spaces, house a shared silk screen facility, and offers members a chance to be part of the Philadelphia art community while serving as a supportive venue for a variety of gallery programs and workshops

The Art Auction donations contribute to Space 1026 in a multitude of ways. They help sustain the Space 1026 gallery and studio facilities. They cover the cost of repairs, equipment and materials; they enable artists to create and print promotional postcards at openings for visiting artists; they supplement continued participation in group shows, and cover other costs necessary in hosting events throughout the year. The Art Auction also provides an accessible means for new audiences to discover and own unique artwork donated by members and supporters. Not only does the auction feature work from prominent Space 1026 members like Adam Wallacavage, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Alex Lukas, Tara Booth, and James Ulmer, but it also boats a collection of pieces from celebrated national artists like Charles Burns, Tim Kerr, Ed Templeton and Erin Riley.

As much as this is a fundraising event for us, it’s also a party for YOU, the community that has unwaveringly supported our DIY mission through all these fun and messy years. There will be food, beverages, an awesome live auctioneer, music, and overall rowdiness. As for the auctioning itself, we invite everyone to participate and enjoy. This event is a great opportunity for collectors both seasoned and just starting out, to get their hands on a piece of original artwork at an affordable price.

In some ways, this year is unlike any other for our members; in others, it is no less different – for we are fortunate to have the support of a strong community that continues to promote eclectic gallery programming and a growing network of artists, a community whose love and appreciation is sure to follow us to our new doorstep. So come celebrate with the Space 1026 family as we host the very first Art Auction to be held at 844 North Broad Street.

02.26 2019


Puzzled Looks
Isaac Lin and Leif Goldberg

Opening reception: Friday, March 1st

Puzzled Looks explores the intersection of bold shape, color, idiosyncratic design and more subtle narrative references of Isaac Tin Wei Lin and Leif Goldberg.

About Isaac Tin Wei Lin:
Born 1976. Lives and works in Philadelphia, PA

About Leif Goldberg:
Leif Goldberg (b. 1975) studied film animation at Rhode Island School of Design, began screen printing at Fort Thunder, and has since produced many prints, paintings, films and publications. His images draw from a wide range of influences, as varied as Eastern European Animation, Art Deco, Noise, Naturalism and Science Fiction. He lives in Vermont.

This exhibition is the second to last art show Space 1026 will be having at 1026 Arch Street.

11.26 2018

Art Auction 2018



First Friday Preview

10.16 2018

Forever/Siempre and the End of an Era for Space 1026

***This is the last exhibition currently scheduled at 1026 Arch Street***

Space 1026 is excited to welcome Layqa Nuna Yawar to our gallery this November for his exhibition Forever/Siempre. We hope you can join us for the opening on Friday, November 2 from 6-10pm!

Layqa Nuna Yawar’s murals can be found in public spaces around the world, monumentally inscribing silenced narratives of people of color from the Americas and from across the globe. Born in Ecuador, having migrated to the U.S. as a teenager, and now living and working in Newark, NJ, Layqa Nuna Yawar makes work that questions injustice, racism, and xenophobia while celebrating cross-cultural identity and migration. Frequently working with host communities to realize public art projects, Layqa Nuna Yawar uses his art practice to create safe spaces for imagination and identity projection.

Layqa Nuna Yawar’s artwork developed out of a traditional visual arts education, a practice of street art interventions and independent self-organization principles. His practice extends to curation, project production, mural making workshops and educational lectures. Among many other collaborations and social justice initiatives, Layqa Nuna Yawar is currently working on educational programming for an upcoming project with Mural Arts Philadelphia. He is also a fellow at Open Society Foundations, and his work in the foundation’s Moving Walls project was recently covered by the New York Times and NPR.

More about the artist can be found here: https://layqa.info and on his Instagram: @layqanunayawar

Sadly, this is our final scheduled exhibition at 1026 Arch Street after over 20 years of exhibitions, events, and non-stop art making in our unique home. Come out to the opening and help share good vibes for our relocation!

Forever/Siempre: Layqa Nuna Yawar at Space 1026
November 2-23, 2018
First Friday Opening Reception: November 2, 2018, 6-10pm

We even put this on facebook!


Space 1026
1026 Arch Street, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107

10.02 2018



Broad Cloth is a celebration of pattern, color, and traditional textile techniques featuring work by:
Ashley Limés Castellana
Anna DeCaria
Caleigh Stednitz
Lauren Buckley
Megan Hughes
Megan Johnson
Justine Kelley
Simona Bozzacco Quinn
Laura Solitrin
Andrea Purcell
Crystal Stokowski
Alexandra Emeric
Marlyse Mertz
Ashley Rodriguez Reed
Kate Corcoran
Jacqueline Quinn

09.02 2018

Born 2 Shop at Space 1026: Opening this Friday, September 7

Born 2 Shop opens this Friday at Space 1026!
First Friday Opening Reception: September 7, 2018, 6-10pm

Space 1026 is excited to present Born 2 Shop, a group exhibition featuring Emilia Brintnall, Mackenzie McAlpin, Dawn Riddle, Erica Schapiro-Sakashita, and Sophie White.

Where can you go when you’re filled with need, when your physical as well as emotional cupboards are bare? You need a place that has IT ALL. A strip mall.

And because you’re a cool city night life type, all the better that the strip mall is located in an art gallery. And also because you are emotionally connected to the earth, you’ll be happy to hear that a lot of the strip mall products are basically just painted over pieces of garbage. Um, I mean they’re upcycled. Or actually, I mean to say they are repurposed.

You can just go to ONE PLACE (1026 Arch St.) and get all the plants, miniatures, pets, drinks, *AND MORE* that you NEED. Because your time is almost as valuable as our fine items.

So come check out stores carrying brands like:

Emilia Brintnall

Emilia Brintnall is an artist based in Philadelphia. Working in a variety of mediums, she primarily works in paper mache, producing sculpture. Her sculptural work encompasses everyday objects, animals, and plants that are lumpy, seemingly playful versions of their real-world selves.

Mackenzie McAlpin

With over 200 successful exhibitions under her belt, Mackenzie McAlpin is a seasoned professional artist. She focuses on the sensual nature of real life and makes it small with clay. Her work was cited in New York Magazine, they even included photos. Ohh… And she was mentioned in the New York Times!

She went to college at Ohio University for Photography and Retail Merchandising (for real) (she actually designed her own major…she doesn’t think that was the “best” idea).

Now she lives in Philly, makes things because she loves to, has rad friends, two cats, awesome siblings and a dope boyfriend. She also copied part of this bio from Pinterest.

Dawn Riddle

“Hi, my name is Dawn Riddle. I live in Portland, Oregon and I am currently driving in Indiana writing this. I’m pretty tired. USA is huge. I like making stuff out of paper mache because it’s a good cheap way to have whatever you want. Thanks!”

Erica Schapiro-Sakashita

Erica Schapiro-Sakashita is an artist and illustrator based in Oakland, CA. Largely informed by a career in horticulture, her work explores how plant and human communities impact one another.

Sophie White

Sophie White, born 1984 in New York, NY, lives and works in Philadelphia, PA. She holds an MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and a BFA from the Cooper Union School of Art. Her humorous, crafty sculptures have been exhibited in group-shows in New York, Philadelphia, Paris and Raleigh, NC. In 2011 they were the subject of a solo show at Magic Pictures Gallery in Philadelphia. Sophie frequently exhibits her cityscape paintings, and is known for her percussive performances with numerous musical groups as well.

Born 2 Shop
September 7 – 27, 2018

Space 1026
1026 Arch Street, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107