10.27 2005

Michael Hall and the Ospreys in NYC, philly represent

Thursday night, 9pm – 2am, downstairs at Niagra (7th St. and Ave. A) a group show of paintings by Michael W. Hall, Johnny McNabb, Christine Koski, Mark Sunshine. One Night only!And Also: Thursday night, 9:30pm sharp, downstairs at Niagra, OSPREYS, my doomy bass-hurling psych noise band will be playing 30 minutes of cataclysmic tooth-rattling melody.Friday night, we lost our show. So if anyone can help us out with one in the NY area last minute, please get in touch asap! cleanmike@gmail.comSaturday night, sometime in the night, in Poughkeepsie, Ospreys will be crippling Vassar students with an hour of super-technical throbbing that will leave even the best swimmers drowning in low frequency nausea.