12.06 2005

Art Auction and Book Pre Release

ART AUCTION THIS SATURDAY!!!!I know its a little late, but its definitely going to be worth it this saturday. If you are not aware, space1026 is part of an exhibition at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (http://www.ybca.org/b_ybca.html) opening jan 12th in san francisco. The donations of artwork and artwork sold are being used to cover expenses for traveling, eating and potentially bathing for space members in SF. We are also pleased to announce the pre-sale of the space1026 book titled “pulling teeth.” The book is not an anthology, history or print book of the space, but more like an exploration of the events and energy that make the space such a special thing to us. This Hard Bound 128 page masterpiece of the mundane was meticulously compiled, edited and laid out by Mary Chen, Jesse Goldstien, Tony Smyrski , and Aryon Hoselton. The book is hopefully part of an ongoing series of self published books addressing different themes about the space. Come to the auction to see some of the page spreads and pre-order yours at a “friends of the space” super dooper discount – limited edition signed, including art auction posters as a thank you for the support. (we are receiving the books in early january so you will be mailed yours asap. if interested in pre-ordering a book, but are unable to make it to the auction, please contact me at max.lawrence@comcast.net) And last but not least we are installing the walls we constructed for the DUMBO arts festival, be it much shorter, inside the gallery for viewing pleasure and featuring that ill musical vibe of Nag Champa of JB’s famed Friday Nights and the international globe setting sizzlin’ seizure sounds Julie G! this is the place to get that something special for that someone special in your life, including yourself…Show up early to check out the art, or check out some special artwork online friday night or sat. afternoon at space1026.com and then get excited to bid on yourfavorites, just in time for the holidays!Saturday December 10th 2005, at Space 1026Live Auction starts at 7:30 pm, preview and silent Auction starts at 6:00 pmPotluck and BYODrinksCash and Carry Preferred because we love cash best,but checks are just fine too.Contact max@abacusstudios.com for more informationdoors open at 6pm, silent auction starts. 7:33pm the live auction starts. hope to see you there!