04.06 2006

First Friday @ Space for April – Psychic Friends Network

Psychic Friends Network features the collaborative work of Jessica Ciocci, Evan Greenfield, Frankie Martin and Erika Somogyi from the past 5 months. These psychically connected friends living scattered across the USA have put together an art show with no beginning and no ending, but will pause to be exhibited at Space 1026 opening on April 7, 2006. One drawing is found somewhere in a pile of drawings, worked on and sent to the next friend on a bridge that has no end, the US postal system. A scrap of tree limbs are found, sculpey added to and passed to the next friend, who, in touch with their inner peace and harmony of being adds exactly the right touch before passing it to the next.

These collaborative works on paper and in sculpture are not for sale, they are part of the cosmic universe. Stand near them and feel the glow of our aura, walk away and feel a cool breeze of emptiness. The Psychic Friends Network will perform feats of the future exhale feelings of tranquility and emotion, astound you with lyrical advice according to the charts of your birth weight and draw pictures of your aura at the opening for your convenience.

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