08.22 2006

Padlock Gallery presents BUTTON BATTLE!

Andrew Jeffrey Wright vs Noah Lyon

opening battle, saturday september 2, 2006, 8pm til12am
show runs september 2 -28, 2006

Padlock Gallery
1409 Ellsworth St.
Philadelphia, USA

show explanation:

One night, in the year 2004, in Cincinatti Ohio atan art opening at the Mockbee for the show BeaverCollege, Noah Lyon was selling his buttons on a merchtable. While other artists made 10 to $40 sellingtheir zines and posters on the same table, Noah madeover $400 in button sales alone. Fellow artist AndrewJeffery Wright was amazed by Noah’s feat and decidedhe would no longer put off his own button making andstart producing the $1 fashion items himself. To dateAndrew has not sold more than $50 in buttons in asingle night of merch table sales. Convinced his ideasare as smart and interesting as Noah’s he challengedNoah to a button battle art show to be held at thePadlock Gallery in Philadelphia. Whoever sells themost buttons at the opening wins battle one! Whoeversells the most buttons during the rest of the monthwins battle two! The artists will also be showingscreen prints, zines and t-shirts.

Noah Lyon lives in New York City and has had soloshows from Stockholm, Sweden to Columbus, Ohio.www.retardriot.com

Andrew Jeffrey Wright lives in Philadlphia and is afounding member of Space 1026.space1026.com

contact: andrew jeffrey wright