09.27 2006


On Friday, September 29th from 7-9:30, I am hosting the final event at 510 Bainbridge Street. The Goodbye SPECTOR party is to celebrate the gallery’s seven year history in Philadelphia and to be there with all the folks who made it happen.

What to expect:

  • SPECTOR’s Family Album – A continous slide show of artists, art, events and happenings.
  • Limited edition print by Jim Houser, the first solo artist presented at SPECTOR’s 1999 launch. Jim created the screenprint Helping Hand to commemorate the closing. ( Edition of 100, $35 each!)
  • 7:30 – 8:30, Book signing by Adam Wallacavage, the second solo artist presented by SPECTOR in 1999. The first Philadedlphia signing for Adam’s new book, Monster Size Monsters (Gingko Press, 2006) which includes many photographs from his exhibit at SPECTOR. ($39.95)
  • Music by Mr.10 Fingers, SPECTOR artist Ben Woodward, who also deejayed at the gallery’s first opening reception.

What you can do:

  • Be there
  • Bring a bottle (it’s your turn to bring the wine)
  • Send me any jpgs you have for the slide show before September 25th.

What happens after the gallery closes:

  • I will be working freelance as SPECTOR Projects. In addition to email announcements and/or snail mail announcements info will be available at SPECTORSPECTOR.com on the news page.
  • If you are looking for an artists work, you can still contact me. If I am no longer working with that artist I can help you find them.

Where you can find me:

  • All of my contact info (below) is the same except my mailing address which after October 1st is:
    P.O. Box 63544
    Philadelphia, PA 19147
  • My websites will disappear for a short time around October 1st while I relocate, Artjaw.com’s October story will post late.

Thanks for everything and hope to see you,
-Shelley Spector

Good luck Shelly.