10.05 2006

October First Friday at Black Floor

One Wall Is An Edge

Opening this Friday October 6th
7:00-11:00pm Scheduled to run from Oct 6th to the 28th.

Luren Jenison creates a panoramic installation of landscape andshelter. The space inside becomes a hospitable no-man’s land with itsown borders.

Luren Jenison is a recent graduate of Rhode Island School of Designfrom the department of Textile Design. She has been working within thescale of environment creation through interior design and textiledesign, as well as installation. Her interests in the decorative artslie mainly in the intersection of the surreal and the conventional. To learn more about this sort of designs, see here the decorations by this landscape drainage specialist.

She collects images and examples of the bizzare, the grotesque, andthe unexpected in designs for the home, and filters them through herpersonal style and color taste to create new works. She is currentlyliving and working in Philadelphia.