01.29 2007

Children, ironically, are Space 1026’s harshest critics

First excitement, then puzzlement, then tears of confusion and then fits of RAGE! These are the reactions by many, if not all of the children who have visited Space 1026’s “Ewok village” now on display at the Institute of Contemporary Art. Ignoring the colorful colors and roping ropes, the children only care about one thing when they see the dazzling display of trees, and rope bridges and milk crates, HOW DO THEY GET UP THERE!!!? Billy, age 5, had this to say, ” I wan back and fworth fwom twee to twee and there was no staircase for me to get up to the bwidges and fun stuff, I was so sad when I was told it wasn’t for weel, I cried all the way home.” Sally, age 7, had even harsher words, ” I feel ripped off, if I ever meet the mean people who bamboozled me, I will stomp on their toes and stick earth worms in their drinks!”