03.15 2007



MATT LEINES WILLIAM BUZZELL ALEX LUKAS JOE BUZZELLJungleland is an exhibition of paintings,drawings, sculpture and site-specific installations by artists MATT LEINES, WILLIAM BUZZELL, ALEX LUKAS, JOE BUZZELL . The four friends use themesfrom the seminal Bruce Springsteen song “Jungleland” to present their uniqueartistic visions. Psychedelic imagery, post apocalyptic landscapes,vignettes of teenage rebellion, and scenes of mythical gods come together tocreate a one of a kind world that can only be experienced down InJungleland. The show opens April 6th and runs through April 27th, theopening party is Friday, April 6th.Space 1026 is excited to host these four artists in Philadelphia. With his crisp, meticulous pen and ink and lush, multilayered watercolor, Matt Leines initiates us into the geometry of the future. Through a secret society of humanoid creatures, anthropomorphized nature and mythological adornmentLeines reveals a depth of feeling in his at times confrontational drawings. Using house paint & shoe dye on plastic tarps, found wood & scrap metal,William Buzzells’ work continues his exploration into the themes ofpatriotism, race, heritage, class and the shaping of identity in the modernworld. William is a member of the Philadelphia art collective, Space 1026.www.williambuzzell.comAlex Lukas’ drawings and sculptures depict destruction, desolation and thehypnotic power of smoke in the wake of an un-specified disaster.www.alexlukas.com Joe Buzzell’s artwork loiters outside an Exxon gasstation at the cross section of Sacred Geometry and Fake Puke, smokingcigarettes and eating shitty hot dogs.