03.27 2007

NYC- Twice As Nice!

Friends and Pals,

The night after Space 1026’s Cinders show, there’s going to be some Philly flavors at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. I, Damian Weinkrantz will be in the show “Swap Meet” (along with: Xiaoqing Ding, Ron English,Catalina Estrada, Erik Foss, Andrew Foster, Gibby Haynes, Foi Jimenez, Josh Keyes, Jack Long, Tara McPherson, Nouar, Daniel Peacock and Mark Dean Veca) which is in the project room, and Dalek and Mars-1 will be in the main gallery sections. Within this main space Dalek will be showing the animations that Jesse Olanday put his Blood, Sweat and Tears into.

So alright, that’s this Saturday, March 31st, 2007 -7 pm if you’re going up for the Cinders show on Friday, why not stay the extra night?

Jonathan LeVine Gallery
529 W. 20th Street, 9E
New York, NY 10011