04.05 2007


6 April – 25 May 2007


6 April 6-10pm 222gallery

222 Vine Street, Philadelphia PA 19106open mon – fri 12-5, or by appointment

Nick Paparone (formerly of Black Floor gallery) and Luren Jenison, members of the new Copy Gallery bring selected works from the once controversial, long forgotten and recently reconstituted collective – the Golden Brick to the 222gallery. The art world has seen more than its share of pranksters, acts of audacity and out-and-out hoaxes but none more fascinating than these artists. Loosely organized and fluctuating in participation between 15 and 20 Los Angeles-based artists, Golden Brick is best known for their artistic plagiarism. The mysterious group was a sudden but intense flash in the art-world pan.

As much rip-off as homage, their creations borrow the materials and language of artists both newly emerging and widely known. Many of their peers were becoming famous through their exposure in the highly charged Whitney Biennial of 1993, which served as a significant touchstone for the Golden Brick. They also refer to more established artists such as Ed Ruscha and Mike Kelley. The group was boosted into the spotlight with the self-published