05.11 2007

THE ODYSSEY: Film & Readings

Come celebrate the release of Pocket Myths #4, THE ODYSSEY, with a screening and reading!

Films by Courtney Dailey, Michael Hyde, Laska Jimsen, Mary McDermott, EE Miller, Eileen Myles, Mendal Polish, Irit Reinheimer, and Zoe Strauss many more!

Performances by Emily Abendroth, Justin Audia, CAConrad, Ryan Eckes, Laura Jaramillo, Miranda Mellis, Frances Richard, and Jen Welch.

THE ODYSSEY is a film and book collaboration curated by Bernadine Mellis and Andrea Lawlor, featuring work by mostly queer, trans, and women artists, retelling Homer’s ancient epic of the aftermath of war. Almost half of the 75 contributors are from Philly.

Date & Time: Sunday, May 13, 6:30 pm
The Rotunda, 4012 Walnut St.
More information: www.pocketmyths.com
Admission: Free!