07.06 2007

Scab on My Brain! Tonight!

Space 1026 presents “Scab On My Brain!”, a group exhibition curated by New York artist Jordin Isip.

The show opens July 6th and runs through July 28th, the opening reception is Friday, July 6th, 7pm.

This assembled group of twelve artists use their own unique and personal visual vocabulary to create figurative narratives that are both allegorical and psychological. In some works humans can be beastial, weak, imperfect, and vulnerable as they journey through imagined lands, in others, the protagonists may be quietly heroic in seemingly mundane and everyday environments. But whether these images (drawings, paintings, silkscreens, and sculpture) are multi-layered, oozing, cacophonous, and hyperbolic or understated, minimal, reserved and poetic we are compelled to enter realms devised by artists with distinct sensibilities.

Featured artists:Jordan Awan Gregory Benton Mariano Ching Louie Cordero Carl Dunn Kiersten Essenpreis Evah Fan Jordin Isip James Kirkpatrick Aya Kakeda Liz Lee Nate Williams

For all inquiries contact Damian Weinkrantz: simplesemantics@yahoo.com