08.08 2007

Staring Therapy Redux

So Staring Therapy was a blast! There were yard sales, there was therapy to stare at, wild performances and 72 versions of Hot Butter’s instrumental song ‘Popcorn’!

Although I don’t have any other pictures to share with you at the moment, here is a picture of Bill McRight taken recently playing dress-up with the leftovers.

For me the highlight of Friday night were the 72 versions of Hot Butter’s ‘Popcorn’. in honor of it I compiled a 6 step list of emotional stages that one goes through when exposed to what must have easily been over three continuous hours of one song.

6 stages of ‘Popcorn’

STAGE 1: At first the song strikes you as a catchy tune and you enjoy it’s upbeat melody.

STAGE 2: Wow! The techno version is awesome!

STAGE 3: Okay, the ballad version of this song is kind of nice, but the repetitiveness is starting to make me aware of my own mortality.

STAGE 4: You begin to realize that the tune is so popular that it has inspired a mind-numbing number of musicians to cover this song in every genre conceivable.


STAGE 6: Acceptance, once the the panic has subsided and your primal instinct to try and peal off your own skin has gone, you resign to the fact that you have no control over the situation and your ego melts away to reveal a true zen-like state of mind.

If you have a chance this next month, stop by the space to view this fun installation, and although you will not be subjected to the giant pantheon of Hot Butter covers, there is plenty of stuff to look at and buy for a $1.

Big Thanks to our Northern neighbors!