12.05 2007


There is a report that one of the Mystery boxes donated to the Space 1026 Auction, has hatched!Remnants of one of the boxes which turned out to be a huge rectangular shaped egg, wrapped in paper and a gooey slime substance has been found in the storage area where the boxes were placed. The discovery was made by Space 1026 founder, Karl Paul. “Dude, it was weird, I just snuck into the Space late Sunday night to pull my normal pranks, like leaving the windows open and pooping on the toilet seat and setting off the alarm, and like, I see this weird slimey thing that looked like the Jersey Devil or that thing on GWAR’s ODERUS URUNGUS’ crotch, craw out of a box and fly out the back door.” Karl Paul also cleaned up the mess and disposed of it outside of the Space. A source close to a source that has a source, says the box was supposed to hatch on Friday night and added that elaborate failed prank cost thousands of dollars and years of genetic research.