10.17 2010

LASERCAVE TOUR @ Space 1026 10/18/10

Lasercave is sending their three finest ambassadors on a national tour of sound and vision. The three acts, representing the best of Portland’s music and art scene – JEFFREY JERUSALEM, squarely in the center of Portland’ electronic renaissance; BRAINSTORM, winning hearts and blowing minds with genre-bending gospel prog; and JESSE MALMED, producing future-thinking video art and participatory song poems.

MONDAY October 18th
@Space 1026
1026 Arch St. 2nd floor

JEFFREY JERUSALEM’s hyperkinetic attitude and boundary-bursting tastes combine playful, lo-fi bedroom disco with the top shelf techno-craftsmanship of his peers at DFA. Jerusalem, recently back from tour with YACHT and Bobby Birdman, has also shared bills with Girltalk, Drop The Lime, Starfucker, Nurses, and Holy Ghost. (http://www.myspace.com/jeffreyjerusalem)

BRAINSTORM’s ecstatic and eclectic two-piece is like an eight-dollar smoothie made of Deerhoof, Sam Cooke, The USAisaMonster, and a little African highlife. Packing venues all over Portland, the band recently headlined at PDX POP NOW, has shared bills with Japanther and the Boredoms and, according to the Portland Mercury, “manages to sound like the entirety of Portland’s music scene whirled up in a blender, in a very good way.” (http://www.myspace.com/brainstormbrainstorm)

JESSE MALMED’s series of video-based song poems, lush videos, and Conversational Karaoke (a participatory installation in which the “audience” enacts complex, charming and strange dialogues of the artist’s design) are future-thinking, yet squarely set in the realms of historical experimental film, conceptual poetics, and ecstatic improvisation. (http://www.jessemalmed.net)