07.17 2012

Skoal Kodiak Flip Their Weird Funk 4 U

Performing their music live in the gallery
July 24th


Skoal Kodiak– Pull your pants down and shake your flabby cheeks, flail your hideous limbs, whatever it is you do Skoal will have you doing it. A hearty, solid chunk of rhythm section basted in a tangy skronk and squeal synth/vocals sauce Skoal Kodiak delivers like no other. Noise Funk? Freak Dance Rock? none of these things are sufficient to convey the true shape of the beast, you must bear witness in the flesh to comprehend. (Minneapolis, new record on Load) http://loadrecords.com/bands/skoal-kodiak/

Myrrh– also hailing from Minneapolis. Drums, lap steel, and viola in a black sabbath kinda way…


Drums Like Machine Guns– Brian Morsberger recently admitted that he wants Drums to physically prevent the audience from thinking. Philly party noise staple DLMG bring the weird good times and force you to feel it.


Dick Neff– One man’s punishing soul quest producing illegal music. analogue drum n’bass. faux metal. Locked-in, loud & alone, the endemic riff roles on.


8pm. music at 9:00 sharp
bring money to donate.
bing money to buy records.
bring your gourd to get wallopped.