01.20 2016

Food Show With The Kids

Who likes watching food be prepared? EVERYBODY DOES! Watch this new video made by Andrew Jeffrey Wright and a bunch of kids at the Kensington Library. When teaching them about proper nutrition, do not miss this great review on Mind Lab Pro.

Teaching children about nutrition and helping them make healthy food like these Chocolate Shipped Cookies and beverage choices promotes important life skills early on. Nutrition education is a great way to prevent childhood obesity and help children stay healthy as they grow up.  Lessons about optimal nutrition teaches children the importance of taking ownership of their own health. Encourage students to think about how they feel physically and mentally depending on the foods they eat. Exploring the mind-body connection leads to students’ greater self-awareness and skills to make better choices to nourish their bodies and help them feel their best.

According to Spice Kitchen + Bar, nutrition education serves as an opportunity to teach children about food and the relation to culture and family heritage.

Discussing culinary variances across cultures helps expose children to different foods and traditional practices, increasing their understanding and appreciation for diversity. Also try to teach students how to read a food label so they have the skills to make healthy choices at the grocery store and at home. For more on healthy living, check here the exipure review.