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05.01 2007 issue 2

I just launched the new broketape yesterday for goldchain, and we are waiting on the rss feed in itunes to kick in.

04.25 2007

A different kind of website…

Miranda July wrote a book of short stories and built an amazing website for it. It is probaby the best example of “Keep It Simple, Stupid”.

04.05 2007

WHOLETRAIN Philly premiere

Check out the Philadelphia PA premiere of new graffiti-feature film “WHOLETRAIN” by Florian Gaag. (Winner “Best Narrative Feature” / Urban World Vibe Film Festival New York 2006). The soundtrack features exclusive new tracks by KRS One, Freddie Foxxx, O.C., Planet Asia, Afu-Ra, Tame One, Grand Agent, Akrobatik and El Da Sensei, all produced by writer/director Florian Gaag. The filmmaker will be present.


FRIDAY, APR. 6, 9:30pm at the RITZ 5 movie theater (214 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA, Tel.: 215-440-1184)

SUNDAY, APR. 8, 12:00pm at the BRIDGE movie theater (4012 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA. Tel.: 215-386-3300)

MONDAY, APR. 9, 5:00pm at the RITZ 5 movie theater (214 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA, Tel.: 215-440-1184)

For further info check: or and please spread the word.

Watch the “WHOLETRAIN” trailer

01.31 2007

Rollerskating is fun!

Some of us went rollerskating in NJ at the Holiday Skating Center. It was a super fun time. Thanks to AJW for picking me up. My cell phone camera is not that good.

01.30 2007

One of these things…

Is not like the other, one of these things does not belong. You tell me, one, two, or three

01.26 2007

Catch a Minnow: DRIZZ HOLLERING!!!

Check this out:
Thanks to Plastic Little for that subject line :) We love those bastards, so should you. Give them all your money…after you come through one last time for this:

WE HAVE 1000+ RECORDS TO MOVE THIS WEEKEND!!!!!! Please come through and grab some, make some offers and give us a couple of bucks ;) Seriously, we need to get them out of the space by the end of the weekend, and we’d love if you added to your vinyl collection with what we’ve got.

Someone…possibly the Ghost of Minnow’s Past…will be at 6th and Bainbridge this weekend trying to get that hustle on. This all sounds too vague you say? Well, it is. We’d love to pay some more bills by making a few sales…but we’re better off rolling some dice and making the hustle happen at this point. This last operation will be based on charitable donation and in the spirit of a free for all. First come, first serve. When you come through, help push a mop or broom…too.

Minnow this weekend:
Saturday – between 12p and 5p
Sunday – ???????????? sometime….

Expect a note in the door, otherwise……
so, yea, get in there!

01.16 2007

espers and dan higgs at the ICA

tickets will be available on soon

01.16 2007

plastic little and sweatheart @ ICA

one more TBA
tickets will be available on soon

12.12 2006

Lessner with some Ween BGPs

Thom Lessner’s AI poster gets some Back Ground Props in this wen studio shot that emailed us to point out. Thanks!

12.10 2006

Adam Crawford and Jake Henry opening 12-15…

Join us here at JINXED to check out new works from SPACE 1026ers Jake Henry and Adam Crawford. As usual things kick off around 7p.m. food and a keg while it lasts!


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