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06.06 2008


While you are here for ORBITAL DEBRIStonight>>>>
Pick up copies of the FREE publications we have available in the gallery.
A semi NEW ANP
A NEW ***TAX REPORT*** (we only have one copy left, so get her early…)
In this internet age, isn’t it nice to have something you can put on your now dusty bookshelf?
ORBITAL DEBRIS, tonight!! 6-10!!!!

05.23 2008

Shit’s a Mess!

Promise we’ll have it cleaned up before the show!

P.S. Roman did it

05.13 2008


So I was going through old magazines last night after I got back from California and I came across the Tokion Disobedients issue from like 2002.

Beyond being a trip down memory lane of artists who’s work I used to (some of whom I still do) drool over and steal from, it was a nice reminder of the energy and excitement that comes with young people making stuff together.

If sensation was sparked by the work actually in the magazine, or if it was more of a memory of where I was when I got the issue, I can’t say. Either way, it was nice to see 1026 mentioned alongside The Luggage Store, New Image and Alife as a venue that fostered those then young artists.

Click the IMAGE link bellow to read the write up.

04.04 2008

LoBot First Friday Opening at 6pm

Preview the install in progress of the LoBot show that is opening this First Friday, April 4th, at 6pm.

LoBot will be cooking dinner.

04.04 2008

LoBot Installation

LoBot Gallery has been building something massive in our gallery. Stop by this first Friday, April 4th, at 6pm and all month long to experience it first hand.

LoBot will be serving dinner.

making multiples

projections and parapet

stop by and see

03.06 2008

New Friends: Cinders at Space 1026 : First Friday

Cinders is in the process of installing their show which will open this first friday.


Sto sees the light.

02.12 2008

White Noise mystics at Space 1026

At a moment when the so-called adults of the world are failing to find solutions to the big problems that face us on Planet Earth, a desperate new generation is turning to mysticism for a way out of the mess we are making.

Their thinking is not so far from the thinking of the ’60s, with its search for transcendance through sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

White Noise at Space 1026 this month is a group show about modern mysticism, spirituality, new psychedelia and the environment. It draws artists from coast to coast and includes one from Finland.

Read the full review on Artblog

02.04 2008

Some Photos from First Friday on One Culture and the New Sensibility

Annette (One culture and the New Sensibility) stopped by White Noise on Friday, and will be writing something up on it in the near future, aka “I promise to review as soon as I can go back and take notes”.

01.30 2008


On 7:00PM Friday, February 1st, 7-10:30pm
At Space 1026 in Philly, 1026 Arch St.
******WHITE NOISE********
A show about modern mysticism.

Young people are turning to spirituality, new psychedelia, environmentalism and mysticism expressed through art-making to find solace in this crazy place.

sculpture/installation, drawings, paintings, & video/animation.

Drew Beckmeyer
Michelle Blade
Thermi Caniagim
Kevin Hooyman
Pauliina M