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01.23 2007

Success! Website has been updated.

Long time supreme founder and owner of Space 1026, Adam LaMont Wallacavage, has finally started updating his online portfolio in hopes of better success when submitting his portfolio again to Tyler scrool of Fart and West Chester University, two schools that, like, totally dissed him man, and forced Adam to have to join the military.

01.19 2007

Crystal Stokowski has been sewing and sewing and sewing.

Space 1026 is spreading our signature visual chaos within the walls of the Institute of Contemporary Art as part of Locally Localized Gravity.

01.19 2007

Aryon Hoselton and Jesse Goldstein made a rope bridge.

Come to the opening on Friday, January 19th 6-8 pm at the ICA at the University of Pennsylvania at 118 South 36th Street, the exhibition runs January 20-March 25th, 2007.

01.19 2007

Becky Suss has been painting leaves.

The installation we have created is based loosely on the domain of the Ewoks, diminutive arboreal beings who share a communal space. Though they have yet to master advanced technology, they have nonetheless erected impressive villages high within the trees.

01.19 2007

Holly Gressley and Bradley Johnston made another rope bridge.

Our Space 1026 team has braided over 800 feet of plastic rope and printed over 2,500 recycled cardboard shingles to create our massive tree house structure!

01.19 2007

Caitlin Perkins made a fire pit.

A fantastic video kiosk tower, interactive electronics, campfire, a gigantic cardboard ziggurat, and a tree house gallery create a fantastical Utopian space for you to enjoy.

01.15 2007


there is a new community based dark room opening in philadelphia.


01.15 2007

MY Favorite Color Is HIV

Films and Live Performance BY:Sri Slava, The Experimental People, D.Mocean

01.04 2007

Carz Will Burn West Philly Saturday NIght

Rain Of Belle Isle
Caustic Castle
+ Mother

@ 409 House
409 South 43rd Street. Noise starts at 8pm. $3 Donation

12.24 2006

Dropping Some Photos Off at the Pool

Here are some more photos from Family Photo Day back in October. Hope you enjoy them and Happy Holidays!