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10.17 2011

All This And… Zomes Are Playing!!! Nov. 4th!!!


Opening Night will have a Performance by Zomes (a solo project by Asa Osborne of Lungfish)

This is gonna be FUN!!!!

01.30 2011

Zine Workshop at PaFA Feb 3rd 6-9pm!!!

Zine Workshop at PAFA
Thursday, February 3, 6 – 9 p.m.
Historic Landmark Building
118 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Space 1026 returns with another on-site art project, featuring a curated selection of International zines. Also a  hands-on workshop where you can write your own prose and design your own pages and mix in work by some of the countries finest zine makers.

Artists include:
Matt Leines, Alex Lukas, Anni Altshuler, Thom Lessner, Leah Mackin, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Mark Price, Jacob Marcinek, Tim Kerr, Rich Jacobs, Ray Potes, Peter Suterland, Dan Murphy, Chris Kline, Bill McRight, Crystal Stokowski, Clint Woodside, Sandy Kim and many others…

Also performing, hometown drag diva Martha Graham Cracker will rock and roll the historic Rotunda unlike any performer before her, combining a quick wit, talented band, and theatrical flair into Philadelphia’s most dazzling cabaret performance yet. and as always, great music, stimulating conversation and delicious cocktails included.

More here:

11.22 2010

We got a stack of the new ANP quarterly in…

Great interviews/articles with:
Alexi Wasser
Jonathan Winters (which is AWESOME!!!!)
Wierd Records
Brian Roettinger
Susan Miller
Elad Lassry
& more & more & more…

Get them quick… because I bet they are already gone.

11.17 2010

Megawords talking at PAFA today.

megawords at pafa

From the Megawords site:


We’re giving a talk as part of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Art at Lunch lecture series. Join us for a discussion of the importance of independent viewpoints and collaborations when making art. Delve into the Megawords project history and the stories of our own creative processes and alternative means of communication just like using postpaid sim only plans from Circles.Life Australia.

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Please join us!
Wendesday, November 17, 2010
Noon to 1pm
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
118 North Broad Street

10.31 2010

Chrissy Piper Interviewed on WKDU. Getting ready for Fridays show.

Be sure to tune in tonight and catch an interview with this months artist Chrissy Piper as she talks with Philadelphia celebrity and punk legend Mike Mckee. Expect callers and DJing songs from some of the people photographed in the show. This will be a lot of fun. Its tonight from 10-12 (she will be on somewhere in between then sometime…) on WKDU but if you miss it you can still get it from the show’s site here.

08.27 2010

Yesterday Today Is Tomorrow

Yesterday Today Is Tomorrow

Tobias Waite
John Garrett Slaby
Craig Hein

September 3rd – 24th, 2010
Opening Reception: Friday, September 3rd, 7 -10 pm

Space 1026
1026 Arch St.
2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Space 1026 is proud to announce the opening of Yesterday, Today Is Tomorrow,  featuring the artwork of John Garrett Slaby (Philadelphia,PA), Tobias Waite (North Carolina) and Craig Hein (Queens, NY). All three artists will be showing a diverse range of work including painting and sculpture at Space1026 during the month of September. The Three artists use cues from their childhood and references to pop culture and lifestyle as a starting point to develop worlds of hidden meaning and wonder. Please join us for a reception with the artists Friday, September 3rd from 7 – 10pm at 1026 Arch St.

John Garrett Slaby lives and works in Philadelphia. He was born in Wilkes-Barre, PA and grew up in north east Pennsylvania. Slaby graduated from West Chester University in 2006, receiving a BFA in Fine Art with a minor in Art History. He was a winner of the 2008 Fleisher Challenge and was featured in issue 81 of New American Paintings. He literally has 100s of t-shirts.

Tobias Waite is currently a mansion caretaker in North Carolina. Between polishing the silver, trimming the hedges, and tipping his hat to the lords and ladies, he makes time to work on drawings and paper cutouts. He’s most recently shown at Richard Heller Gallery, Vox Populi, and The West Collection. Tobias, while originally from Oakland, CA, currently resides in North Carolina. He graduated from NYU with a degree in Fine Art.

Craig Hein‘s work consists primarily of small-scale sculptures along with small paintings and works on paper.  He has had solo shows at Sixtyseven Gallery and has participated in group shows at 303 Gallery, The Issue Project Room, The Adam Lister Gallery and others.  He recently moved from Queens to the south shore of Long Island.

Yesterday Today Is Tomorrow

Tobias Waite, John Garrett Slaby and Craig Hein

September 3rd – 24th, 2010.
Opening Reception: Friday, September 3rd, 7 -10 pm

08.27 2010

Stopped by John Slaby’s To Scope Work For The Next Show.

John Garret Slaby is always up to something… he’s like a factory!

September’s show “Yesterday, Today is Tomorrow” is going to rule!!!

06.04 2010

Move Tonight… A Few Surprises!!!

Cynthia Connolly just stopped by to hang some work… Taylor McKimens is on his way now with some new stuff… Asa Osborne has some things as well… This show tonight is going to be great. We hope to see you!

Some People I Met Rolling Around On The Ground,
Another Move Exhibition Curated by Rich Jacobs
Opening TONIGHT Friday, June 4th, 7 – 10pm Space 1026
1026 Arch St. 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107

05.16 2010

Move Curated By Rich Jacobs.

I just updated the next show for the site and thought i would let y’all know about it up front too… this is going to rule.

Move Curated By Rich Jacobs.
June 4th @ Space 1026

Here is the artist list… buckle up!!!
Eric White, Calef Brown, Jim Houser, Garry Davis, Karoline Collins, Tim Kerr, Chrissy Piper, Mofo, Jordin Isip, Rich Jacobs, Stephen Powers, Alberto Kroeger, James Gallagher, Jeff Canham, Louie Cordero, Bert Queiroz, Melinda Beck, Dan Murphy, Tod Swank, Rodger Bridges, Caroline Hwang, Jason Polan, Matt Leines, Jocko Weyland, Billy Sprague, Kate Hurowitz, Clint Woodside, Carl Dunn, Rob Ben, Martin Sorrondeguy, Jenna Robinson, Kelly Nicholson, Adam Wallacavage, Chris Duncan, Erika Borboa, Alex Lukas, Michael Bartalos, Ben Woodward, Isaac Lin, Max Lawrence, Chris Shary, Damian Abraham, Chris Stain, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Chris Kline, Derek Weisberg, John Freeborn, Bill McRight, Asa Osborne & maybe a few others?

also of note is:
Special music guests, Zomes (asa from Lungfish) Koen Holtcamp (from Mountians) Tim Kerr (from Big Boys, and all the bands that i dont have room to list.) and Rich might play too… that night!

03.14 2010

HOT JAMS!!! Silk Flowers / Infinite Body!!

March 31st we will have a sweet music happening… come on out!!