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12.02 2010

Tomorrow! First Friday Art Auction Preview

On your First Friday excursions, swing by the gallery to scope out what’s available for the auction next week!

Bonnie Brenda Scott
Here are some donations from Space 1026 members, Bonnie Brenda Scott (above), James Ulmer (directly below), and Clint Woodside (the one below that).
"The Trees Made Friends" by James Ulmer
"The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get" by Clint Woodside

We’ve been updating our Flickr and will continue until the night of – next Friday, December 10th! So much good stuff!

11.30 2010

Money-Making Schemes – Tuesday, Dec. 7th

A seminar for successfulness brought to you by the Pennsylvania City Powerpointe Society.

11.30 2010

YOUTUBE ARMAGEDDON!!! – Monday, Dec. 6th


A night of video compilations and mash-ups. Join us for a continuous mix of obscure clips and best-of picks from the wilds of the world wide web.

Stay for some fancy nail painting and refreshments. At the end of the night there will be a raffle where you can have a chance to walk away with a 3D cardboard piece by Jason Hsu and Chris Kline.

6:66 pm

11.30 2010

Artjaw Live with Shelley Spector – Sunday, Dec. 5th

Artjaw Live

Join us on Sunday, December 5th for Artjaw Live with Shelley Spector
Artjaw Live is an artist panel lead by Shelley Spector, with Billy and Steven Dufala, Jayson Musson, Judith Schaechter – among other Philly faves. In keeping with it’s a behind the scenes, talk of experiences – who we are, how we got here and what goes on while we do what we do.

11.29 2010

The 2010 Art Auction

Countdown to the 2010 Art Auction!  Here’s a first look at what we’ve got to auction from our Flickr:

"Couple" by Luke Ramsey original drawing
Couple by Luke Ramsey

"Ol' Rampy" by Craig Hein
"Ol' Rampy" by Craig Hein
Ol’ Rampy by Corey Hein

Andrew Jeffrey Wright super rare screen print
Andrew Jeffrey Wright super-rare screen print!

We are thrilled with the donations we have received so far and are psyched at the ones still on their way.  This Friday’s First Friday Preview from 7pm to 10pm is the kick-off for the week of events we’ve got slated to give you all the opportunity to check out the items to be auctioned!  See the Art Auction page for allllll the details.

12.13 2009

Art Auction 2009 Gifified

I might not have to tell you this, but I think probably the best way to view reality is through animated images played in a continuous loop.

Art Auction 2009 Ruled! Thanks Todd Kimmell; the main organizers Alex Lukas, Megan Kemner, and Greg Pizzoli; and everyone else who made Friday a magical (like flying unicorns that puke baby leprechauns) night.

01.08 2009

AUCTION TIME: Space 1026 Art Auction Preview Rebroadcast

12.19 2008

Art Auction Photos

All photos copyright courtesy correct by Space Super Friend Rebecca Mott.

> See the full set on Flickr.

12.19 2008

Art Auction Videos

> More videos (with horribly distorted audio) can be found on our Ustream page.

12.18 2008

* Last Chance eBay Auction *

For anyone who missed out on the Space 1026 Annual Art Auction we are offering the last 4 of our donations online. Auction ends on Sunday.

Thanks to everyone for your support! We have some incredible things planned for you next year.

> View the full listings on eBay.