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12.04 2007

Art Auction Update

The great Corndawg donated an awesome airbrushed unicorn t-shirt for the auction.
Be there on Friday to bid!

Check the recent submissions.

12.02 2007


Hey pals…

William Buzzell and Damian Weinkrantz will have pieces at this years Art Basel Miami thing-a-majig under the kind wing of all around good guy Mark Murphy! Awwsum!

KNOW : Art ExhibitionCurated by Mark Murphy
Art Now Fair : Art Basel Miami
Murphy Design : Booth No. 215
December 6

11.30 2007


Voracious collector, dilettante performer, raconteur, impresario, historian, innkeeper, vintage trailer rally host, husband, father. Founder of The Lawn Chair Drive-In, Lost Highways Archive & Research Library, Mambo Movers.
Curator of such exhibits as:
RV ROOTS, The Auto Camping Craze Of The Teens and Twenties
THE FAMILY CAR ON MARS, American Station Wagon Design 1956-1962
RADEBAUGH, The Future We Were Promised
ZOUAVES, DEVILS & SASS, Political Satire And The Printed Envelope During The American Civil War
WE LIKED DICK, Vice President Nixon & The Press Cameras, 1952-1960

Todd Kimmell has performed as a nine and a half foot tall golden robot New Wave crooner, singing Spandau Ballet’s GOLD, and as one of two ten foot tall abominable snowmen, The Dueling Bumbles, singing the Robert Gordan arrangement of ConwayTwitty’s ITS ONLY MAKE BELIEVE. All this across the street at the Trocadero with an orchestra back-up.

“What can I say?”, says Kimmell. “The ham bone ‘s connected to the jaw bone. You phoned and asked me to serve as auctioneer for your goddam auction. Now you gotta put up with me.”

Find Todd here.

11.29 2007

Carz Will Burn Suny College, NY

FLUXUS FRIDAY v.III is this Friday! The 30th!! All new experiments and collaborations in the Neuberger Museum, nowstarting at 5:30 and ending around 8. Participants will include: CARZ WILL BURN—- from PhillyFields—– Mike PParasomnia——-Tony Vogt, Andrew KuhlRuth Channing YoungCheck+ for Carnage —- Jessie Cooper Levy, Neil FriddAlan Resnickalso possibly some very large experimental bandand probably some moreor less ALSO there will be CHEESE CLUB cheese and ROOT BEER CLUB rootbeer!!!!so pick out who you’re going to wear and come at 5:30!

11.28 2007

Padlock Gallery Press

Our friend Annette Monier, found here and here, wrote a review of the Padlock Gallery. Padlock is home to Space members Ted Passon, Mark Price and Beth Brandon.
Read More

11.27 2007


What is it??Who is it from???Will it hurt me??Will it make me rich??Is it a joke??Is it not a joke but a bunch of random stuff from a place full of cool stuff from many many years of accumulation and the mystery person is just over caring about it and is actually being generous in some cases??Is it beer??Is it rotting, formally frozen octopus from the Asian supermarket?? (no, it’s not. I’m not that mean)FIND OUT BY PLACING YOUR BID! December 7th at SPACE 1026!!!

11.23 2007

You’re either with us or against us.

Hoselton &
Lynch &
Olanday &

11.20 2007

Isaac Lin in Portland.

From the studios of recent MFA and BFA graduates of CCA. Information for Portland people.
Isaac Lin will melt your face.

11.20 2007

More Art Auction Donations!

Monster McRight holds a recent Space 1026 Art Auction Donation.
Get Aah Real Job, Make Money, and Come Buy Some Art.

Learn more about the auction and donating your own art.

11.16 2007

Bill McRight is not a thug.

But he knows how to shoot a gun.