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12.13 2007

1026 EBay Auction : Round 2

Bid online right now!
Auction ends Monday Morning.
Incredible art deals are still available from the Annual 1026 Art Auction.Paintings, drawings and photographs from Space 1026 members and friends.

Jason McLean & Mark DeLong Collab

Alex Purdy & Jason Hsu Collab

Pat Graham & Melanie Standage Photos

Ben Woodward Painting

Print Portfolio : Space 1026 members

Thom Lessner Painting

Will Buzzel Painting

> > > BID ONLINE < < <

12.12 2007


Come to Space 1026 this Sunday for the Gypsy Flea Market.
Buy art and other stuff from Space members to give as gifts or to keep.
SUNDAY, December 16th, Noon ’till 7pm.
Also, see the final hours of the Mummers 24-hour sew-athon, starting at Space the day before.
As always, 1026 Arch Street, Second Floor.

12.10 2007

Monday night shows are the best

The one man drum and light machine blaze of HOLY GHOST will kick it tonight with CAVE from Chicago and some more sweet treats @ COPY GALLERY. 319 N 11th street 3rd floor (just north of vine at W00d and 11th) 8pm. $$$ for outtah towners please!

12.07 2007


SATURDAY DECEMBER 8,7pm to 10pm Lucky Dragons, Hawnay Troof, High Places@ Space 10261026 Arch St. 2nd fl

12.07 2007


5 Items donated to 1026’s Annual Art Auction have been listed on EBAY for the next 3 days! check em out:

12.07 2007


Matt Leines has donated this hand drawn cloud in a bag. If you know about Matt, you know these things aint cheep. Opening bid? TWENTY FIVE BUCKS. I shit you not.
Preview starts at 6, spending starts at 7.
Here on arch street in warm, warm Philadelphia.

12.06 2007


And if no one feels like man-ing up for the $25 starting bid to get this ALREADY FRAMED, SIGNED, 4 color silk screen (Artists proof 1 of 15), well then nuts to you, I’ll just keep it in my studio.
6pm preview, SPENDING STARTS AT 7.

12.06 2007

Art Auction Press

Our friend Annette Monnier provides a glowing write up of this Friday’s Annual Art Auction.
Read more on DigPhilly &nbsp;*&nbsp; Read her writings

12.05 2007


There is a report that one of the Mystery boxes donated to the Space 1026 Auction, has hatched!Remnants of one of the boxes which turned out to be a huge rectangular shaped egg, wrapped in paper and a gooey slime substance has been found in the storage area where the boxes were placed. The discovery was made by Space 1026 founder, Karl Paul. “Dude, it was weird, I just snuck into the Space late Sunday night to pull my normal pranks, like leaving the windows open and pooping on the toilet seat and setting off the alarm, and like, I see this weird slimey thing that looked like the Jersey Devil or that thing on GWAR’s ODERUS URUNGUS’ crotch, craw out of a box and fly out the back door.” Karl Paul also cleaned up the mess and disposed of it outside of the Space. A source close to a source that has a source, says the box was supposed to hatch on Friday night and added that elaborate failed prank cost thousands of dollars and years of genetic research.

12.04 2007


SHEPARD FAIREY gave us work. JOSEPH HART gave us work. KATY HORAN gave us work. CALEB NEELON gave us work.
MATT LEINES says he is giving us work. How ’bout you?
No? Well you better come on Friday at 7 and buy some stuff. We just got four 18 x 24 signed Shepard Fairey artists proofs, an amazing Joseph Hart piece (that we thought got lost in the mail), and super sweet new paintings by Katy Horan and Caleb Neelon along with a million other things (check some out here).
And if you don’t like what you bought the next morning, you can always re-sell it on eBay and probably turn a profit.